QP etc set ping maximum for better games

Allows host and allow players to set a maximum ping
Hosts no longer get players with 300+ ping for example
Players no longer connect to hosts with 450+ ping for example
Allow us to determine if we want to join a game before FORCING us to play it out.


No one is forcing you to play it out, but I 100% agree that some kind of max ping option should be added. I get really tired of joining games or having players join my games with 200+ ping.

If you quit then the host is left without a bot for about 45 seconds. At which point the bot spawns in where you left. If you leave in the middle of something you almost guarantee wipe the party of QP.

I’ve never seen bot replacements take that long to spawn when someone drops. Far from it. Where are you getting that number?

It happens sometimes.Personally seen this happen a couple of times but haven’t really noticed if there’s any correlation between high ping and the time it takes for bots to replace the players’ spots.There’s also a bug where players that disconnect(not by quitting) could potentially break the lobby,turning it into an Abduction deed as dead people cant respawn.

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I second that.
I stopped joining games exactly because of that.
The GYR ping is lovely, but it does not give us necessary information.
Also I don’t really care for the region/country in the lobby, because it is ping what’s important not the country - people can have abysmal connection anywhere!
I’d be fine with joining games if i knew that I’ll play with a certain ping. Preferably low.
Consistency. That’s why people asked for dedicated servers since launch.

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