Strict matchmaking

I know that there may be bugs or problems currently with winds of magic right know which should come first (playing on ps4 so don’t have to worry about that yet). However, I just wanted to make a suggestion to make it an option to not join games where you would have 120+ ping or not allow others to join who get high ping.

It feels like I’m fighting my connection to host and not the ratman when I have high ping…


I couldn’t even play I don’t get sub 130.

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Couldn’t agree more. Also should be listed in the lobby browser.
I personally don’t stay in a lobby with more than 99 ping. (any fast action game)

Yes i know what you mean there should be an option to set a filter or something like this on the max ping you want to play at on qp.
Would like to see this on xbox too

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There’s a mod, Lobbies in QP browser which you can use to set which countries you want to connect to. Not sure if it’s been updated yet though for this version? Obviously this won’t help with people who have high pings due to network problems. But you can set it so you won’t get those random games across the ocean. For example, I live in Sweden, so I would set it for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, Germany and Netherlands. This meant I hardly ever would get games over 80 ping.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever played with anyone with under 80 ping, and I’m in a major US city. Our “high-speed” internet just isn’t very good here, relative to many other parts of the world.

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Yea, I lived in Bermuda, so my average ping on Battlefield and other games was always 100-150 :frowning:

Here in Sweden though, 100Mb/s seems to be the cheapest average speed. You can get 1Gb connections for around 60$ US. If I connect to people here in Sweden, I can have pings as low as 35. Including one game where I connected to a guy in the next city over, I had a ping of 19.

The ping indicator in game is a little weird though, as it takes into account FPS and other things. So if the host is having GPU/CPU lag, it can push the ping indicator up by 60.

Look they just added -50 ping to the ping calculation in Sweden to feel better.


As a USian who has to make do with 1990’s era infrastructure owned by a corporate monopoly that refuses to upgrade it and overcharges for the privelege, less then 150 ping is simply not a thing that happens. 200-300 is common place.

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Before the ping changes reflected FPS and stuff, my wife would have a 3 ping to me if I was host :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That mod i suggested earlier wouldn’t really help Americans as it only let’s you filter countries. Perhaps the mod creator could filter the USA into east coast, West coast, South and north? It might help… but yea, an actual ping filter would help a lot. Problem is with the current ping settings, during hordes, most hosts PCs struggle and the ping increases a lot. Check it out in game next time you play. You can see the ping jump by 30-60ms on average during intense fights.

And it wouldnt help console players as well cause we got no mods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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