Still can't cancel QP joins

I was hoping this would be fixed after the beta but I guess it was forgotten about. When you’re doing QP and it connects you to a lobby that’s too far away, you can’t press F10 to cancel anymore. I understand it doesn’t sound that important but it worked completely fine before, and I don’t understand why it doesn’t now. I imagine it’d be simple to fix and serve as a QoL improvement to something that’s already frustrating enough.

It would be nice if we could restrict what games we got queued into by specifying what the maximum amount of ping we would want to play with would be.



Hah for real tho… it’s a feature that’s only in every multiplayer game ever

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Yes please. I thought it was a feature meant to make people actually quick-play with others and make it more difficult to start quick-play solo games for the sole purpose of getting the loot bonus (and also letting the game decide what mission you will play, since there are 15 maps you have done 50 times each and not a single one is particularly interesting or attractive anymore), but if it is a bug, great, I want to have the F10 option again.

huh? In your settings you can set the distance that the matchmaker will look to find a game before hosting…

But this has nothing to do with ping. Those are just near steamworks regions that are defined as nearer there they don’t necessarily even need to be near on the world map.

Well, if everyone sets their’s correctly, it should be fine. I normally get matched with Sweds or Finnish people. Around 4 to 50 ping.

well aware of that - trust me i’m not new, i’ve tried every trick in the book and even if i have my settings on medium, it always skips over any open games that i can clearly see in the lobby browser and it puts me in the farthest game possible.
my steam download server is set to the one that’s only 2 hours drive away from me. as ridiculous as this is, i don’t really mind, as long as i can just cancel it as soon as it decides to put me in a game that’s far.

the reason i brought up ping is that typically it’s consistent whenever you join a host’s game, and being able to define, yourself, what your limits should be for games that you’re willing to play in should be considered, especially if they want to continue making it work like this. what i’m about to say below doesn’t necessarily apply to you either.

i knew making another post here was going to be an absolute headache. i’m not imagining these things, i’ve taken screenshots of the problem i’m describing in previous posts. if i’m not using the correct technical vernacular then you’re gonna have to forgive me as for most games where i have fun i don’t necessarily have to worry about why something isn’t working as it should.

of course, the developers are probably right, and i’m just another pissed off “”“customer”"" that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. apparently.

i get it though. it works for you. great. it’s not working for me. i’ve done everything i can fix it, still nothing. removing the feature i’ve described has made doing quickplay practically impossible without me having to struggle playing the game at 250 ping every single match. that’s what i want to focus on here. i understand people really don’t like talking about improvements or enhancements here because the game’s just perfect the way it is, but other than posting this on the sub where there won’t be a single fatshark employee that bothers to notice, posting this here, again, is my only choice. while i’m here, i might as well put forward a few things that, i think, would definitely improve the game. not that it matters, as i’m probably going to have to make another post in a week describing the exact same issue as it still hasn’t been fixed despite an entire 2 week-long beta being in the works that caused the problem in the first place.

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Yes, that’s why the search for a game should depend on ping and not on any other arbitrary system. (I don’t know why Valve made this but I don’t see steamworks doing a good job in V2)

Where did I state that?
or is stuff below:

not supposed to be directed to me anymore?

Anyway I get frequently matched into 150 ping lobbies while I’m in Switzerland and usually get <75 ping across EU.

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