Consistently getting "Far" quickplay games

I’ve already made a stink about how you can’t cancel queuing into quickplay games, but it’s just getting ridiculous now.

Quickplay search range is set to medium, Steam download region set nearby, still queuing into games where the host is ridiculously far away.

Good amount of games to choose from on the lobby browser, and that’s just when it’s set to “Near.” Sure, they’re in-progress, but you’re able to queue into games in-progress through QP anyway, so what gives? There are games in this selection where there’s a dwarf spot available, so why wouldn’t it queue me into them?

I understand this isn’t a big deal to those of you who already have all the reds you want and all your classes set level 30 + 500, but it’s ridiculous how the only way I’m able to have a good chance at getting an Emperor’s Vault without the Quickplay Bonus is playing Skittergate or doing a deed.

Are you playing in the Beta? Because almost everyone is right now. If not then it’s probably the time of day or the location you live that’s the issue.

yea, i got way too many 200-300 ping games up till the point where i just simply started to host custom games. glad that’s still an option at least

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