Search Distance function is broken

Hello, Fatshark.

As you know, the search distance function has been broken in some countries since Steam furthermore split the download region. Medium, far options do not work properly in most cases.

Because of this, the Quickplay feature is basically unavailable in those countries. Well, assuming you’re a normal person who can’t stand playing at 400 pings. On this thread (I can see matchmaking is broken with ping), you guys said it’s Steam’s problem and it’s going to be fixed, but there’s still no change. So I hope you try to fix this problem. Unless you’re too busy working on the Darktide.

If this is difficult, at least extend the scrolling length. So I can connect directly to the servers in the country I want. Currently, limitation of the scrolling length cuts out servers in nearby countries that I want to join. Please consider this. Thanks in advance.

Are you referring to the changes made by Steam in 2018, or have they made more recent changes? If I recall correctly, Steam did eventually resolve the issues referenced in that post.

Which country are you playing from and what is your ‘Download Region’ set to?

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