I can see matchmaking is broken with ping

now we can see ping in beta

i checked when i enter the room with qp and worldwide

with qp, i entered ping like 100~150 but worldwide room’s ping is like 30~50

did 6 plays today in beta and im sure…

something is broken

Matchmaking is largely a black box controlled by Steam - seems some of their recent changes have had an unintended knockon effect on how it determines ranges. We understand some tweaking is to come from their side.

Check your download region on steam btw. If you live in the EU and your download region is set to the USA, it’s going to match you with Americans. I had that issue when I moved from Bermuda to Sweden.

Matchmaking is based on region rather than ping.

I have at times checked the lobby browser to find a game available in my region: “near”. Matchmaking then put me in a lobby on the other side of the world. Then I quit out and directly join the lobby that was in my region with no problem. Annoying.

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