Matchmaking error - despite "near" - getting matched with US and Asia


Starting last night, 18/03/2021 at 1AM. I have been getting matched with players from US and this morning, players from Asia.
My ping to such hosts exceeds 200.

I am situated in the EU.
Quickplay search range is set to “near” in network settings.

Was not an issue before, starting last night it became an issue.

  1. Checked my IP and geolocation, all still point to Netherlands.
  2. Checked the lobby browser under “near” filter, there were groups which had slots for my Kruber. I still got “increased search range” twice in a row and matched with an Asian named host. I was able to manually join the near groups.

In the last 12 hours this has happened around 6-8 times. I am able to reproduce the issue. Only rarely does it automatically host my own game. It prefers to match me to 200+ ping rather than host myself. Other times the matching works as intended. About 60% of the time at the moment.

This has not happened to me before in +500 hours. Normally it would just search “near” and then host my own game.

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Yup. Got matched with a SEA lobby a couple of days ago, had 350 ping in keep, and excused myself to the door.
I usually just host though to be honest. Lobbies fill up quite quickly, including cata lobbies at 3am which take up to 5 minutes.

We haven’t made any changes that would explain a sudden onset of matchmaking issues - we’ll keep an eye on this, though.

It may be worth exploring some localised solutions e.g. check Steam ‘Download Region’ is set locally.

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