When matchmaking is so determined to fill lobbies

That little me in Sweden sets quickplay search range to “near” and i end up tossed into a lobby with a guy hosting from Argentina. A quick chat latter and i wish him luck with finding helpers before i exit the lobby.

Then i try again and i get tossed into another lobby hosted by a guy in South Italy, i try once more and my final attempt lands me in a lobby hosted from the far side of Russia.

Something tells me the QP matchmaking system is sort of ignoring this whole “dont match lobbies that are far away”. I already made a bug report about the system acting up 11 days ago but having this stuff happen more and more anytime i want to play a game i needed to vent.

Fatshark plx fix : (


Its a valid complaint yes, but in the meantime you should install this mod

then use the lobby browser, you can see who is from where and join closer countries manually.
A temporary solution but better than nothing.

It’s weird that console hud actually shows the country while pc doesn’t(hopefully yet) I never noticed until now

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