Quickplay matchmaking rant

This is something that bothers me since i started playing the game.
I just came back to this game after one month break and i am already almost done with it…
I search for a quickplay lobby and get matched with somebody where every client has an over 200 ping.
Ok this can happen once in a while. I leave. I look at all available lobbys and there are six lobbys near me. 9 in medium distance.
I quickplay again and expect to get matched with one of those but no its a lobby that didn’t even get shown to me in the lobby browser and i again have a 180 ping.
I leave and try again. Finally a good match we start hunger in the dark. Host falls down the first lather and quits… Ok not fathsarks fault this time. I have another look at the lobby browser and still see 9 lobbys close or medium distance.
So another try this time my game isn’t finding a host at all and i bacome the host. I wait for 5 minutes but nobody joins. Than i reastart quickplay matchmaking.
Again i get matched with the 180 ping guy.
I quit try again and its the 180 ping guy twice in a row.
Lobby browser still shows 7 other lobbys.

Why does my game not just choose one of these? Why do i get rematched with somebody twice who’s lobby i just left? Why is there no setting that allows me to avoid getting matched with people that aren’t close or medium?
Setting Quick play search distance to medium didn’t help either.

Am i the only one having this issue?

Sorry for the rant but i just wasted 30 minutes just trying to find a lobby and writing this post.


Take this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1495937978&searchtext=host and never look back.
You’ll have perfect ping, never have to worry about the host leaving mid match and you’ll generally have people join you pretty quick. If no one is joining you in the lobby, just start the mission and play as you normally would and you’ll see that people will join you. Either that or you can rely on the bots who work just fine when they’re kitted out.


Pretty good solution by @Rebel.
Although you should have in mind that:
Playing as host is making your game easier because you don’t have any latency.
You should have a stable internet connection.
The game is more demanding on your CPU. (not sure how much)
I rarely host, because I have LTE. And my ISP is a rat. (Aren’t they all?)

I gonna try that! Thanks for your help

Thanks man works like a charm!