Hosting a Quick Match and Seeing Ping

I suggested these 2 years ago when I played this game alot to a point I just couldn’t stand it. This means I really like it, but what I really hated was the fact that every time I selected “Quick Play” I would join a host that would give me 300+ ping, thus forcing me to host a normal game and lose quick match rewards.

I live in Brazil, Quick Play gets me into matches with hosts from EU and NA, that’s really bad for me as I’ll get a delay of 2 seconds or more in all of my actions, making it very annoying to beat levels even in the simple veteran mode.

What I don’t understand is why can’t we see the ping from the hosts in the server browser, seems to be quite an easy feature to implement. I believe there are mods that do this.

Making it possible for everyone to host a quick match kinda defeats the purpose of it, but shouldn’t we at least be able to set the limit for ping? And then if no good ping hosts are avaible, you will become the host.
Right now it works only partially, because it will put you in matches with good hosts and bad hosts (Let’s consider good between 1-120 ping, bad from 130-250) - It will only let you host if there are only extremely terrible hosts avaible, like 500+ping hosts.

Meaning I can only host a quick match like 4:00 AM, ever.


While you may not get the ping, there is definitely a mod that shows country of host in the lobby browser. [GB] [FR] [DE] etc for me. Might help you out a bit? It does state it specifically doesn’t work for QP, but if you’re joining games with a higher potential for success at a higher difficulty it might be worth missing out on the QP bonus.

Dunno if it’s been broken by the latest patch though - but here it is.


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