Ping limit in searching quick play

Make possible to choose between host quick play or connect to another person, of course with choosing ping limit. I cant image that somebody would rather play with 400 ping because there are no good hosts than just host quick play by yourself and wait a bit.

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You have mod for hosting

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Tis sanctioned.

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To no hero of mine:
To tell people to just host is rater offensive when the problem is the simple inability to limit up to what ping connections should be established.
Like everything on this forum it’s just a repeat of something raised countless times since launch.
That the ability to force the game to host is a mod is in itself a disgrace.



And yes add ping limit or show what ping you have to the game you want to join. If you dont deliver DS as you promised it should not take 2 years to fix this S*it :slight_smile:

If they manage to add this feature they’ll almost be caught up to 1998’s state of the art.