Host Option for QP

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I know this is a dead horse that has been beaten many, many times here. But can we PLEASE, for the love of god, get a host option for QP searching. Ever since the Chaos Wastes went live I literally diconnect from host in 4 out of 5 matches I join that I’m not hosting. And to clarify, I have a wired, 2GB fiber connection, it’s not my internet that’s the problem. I haven’t played the game in months because it’s impossible to stay in a match for more than 5-7 minutes before I get DCd from the host.

It ruins the experience, it’s ruining the game as a whole, and makes me weep for the future release of Darktide, because it’s obviously gonna suffer from the same trash networking issues.

If you’re on PC, use the Host Quickplay mod that has been out since forever


Didn’t even realize there was one… you’re brilliant, you deserve all the joys life has to offer, and thank you. Seriously.

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