Why can't I solo host quickplay?

And again we have event where I need to play 10 quickplay maps, for the most times I prefer to play solo with bots, I don’t wanna explain why, but it’s not the case. And I can’t host QP playing solo for the most of the time. If I pop “play QP” I just joins another “party of great and positive players” I’m not enjoying playing with.

The only option I’ve found is to host a certain map, when 1 player joins you, stop queue, host quickplay and kick that unlucky guy who just joined your game, set gam private and that’s it. But It’s prety shіty move, and I just want to be able host QP solo w/o all of this.


Because fatshark doesnt want people to all sit in their own lobbies playing with themselves and bots.


And yet nothing can stop me from playing in my own lobby with bots or just hosting open games if I want so. I just can’t reliably host QP and all I want is one little “host game” checkbox in QP menu (and maybe “strict mm” and “private game” checkboxes too) like when I’m starting specific map.

Ofc I have some subjective preferences, but also objective ones when I join random hosts, like bad lat or 0.5-1s freezes I’ve expirienced with some “random hosts”. I don’t think that suck an option will lead all the people to play with bots only, to be honest there are not so many players in this game who can efficiently play leg with bots, even speedruns that are somehow easier to handle (at least IMO).


I thought the point of it was to incentivize playing with other people.

I can kinda see where he’s coming from. I had to use the kick option for the first time in game yesterday. What happened to the community? Maybe it was because I was playing earlier in the morning, 6-10am, but the amount of idiots my wife and I were getting in game was insane. It was nearly 8 randoms in a row talking about how good they are or how many hours they have and what not. Only to be the first ones to die…

The first guy we kicked was pulling every mob and even patrols, because according to him, “THE GAME IS EZ, DUN WORRY”. He then proceeds to pull a CW patrol during a Chaos Spawn boss fight. Well, we wiped, but it was only because “damn guys, I can only carry so hard”. lol…

Second guy was a Pyro that refused to use his ULT on the War Camp boss because I asked him too. I gave him a concentration potion and asked him to stun lock the boss, as we all had terrible armour penetration, my wife and I were playing on random characters. He refused because I asked him? Apparently he won’t do anything if people ask him to. He wants to do things himself. So he died… and the boss fight took for ever. And then we kicked right before we went into the bubble because he was being an even bigger idiot in chat.

GG matchmaking. Rather play with bots.


Its not fatshark’s fault there are toxic people out there (they are responsible for upset players, me included btw, but not for toxic players that intentionally ruin other’s fun. If anyone has gotten so pissed of by FS that they join random games and do everything in their power to sabotage them, they are prone to toxicity anyways) All they did was to put in a matchmaking that even rewards you for using it. And in the spirit of events, they want their playerbase to come together. I simply dont see them implementing a function like you are requesting.

I agree, QP can be a very disgusting experience. But it’s not always so. Yet it will seem like always, because of selective perception.

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Looks like you haven’t read my previous post, all this “toxic players/bad players/players with idiotic playstyle/etc” are my subjective oppinion, someone can find them very good and reliable teammates and who am I to judge them. But what about issues with hosts having potato PC or shіty internet? I want to fight rats and not lags, for some reason, when my friends are hosting games I have no issues, but with random hosts they are present. I can’t say that it’s every time, but still prety often, and it leads me to another issue, I join host, see a poor connection to him, leave and if I pop QP w/o waiting ar with a little time passed I often joins the same host I just left :man_facepalming:

May I ask you one question, why do you play this game, or any other game? Answer is quite obvious, to have fun. And now tell me plz, why should I play QP and have bad expirience with it, oftenly not having fun at all? If I play solo or with bots it’s all up to me, if I fail- it’s my and not someone’s fault, main defference between bots and some PuG players is very simle. Bots are 95%+ times predictable, so if you understand when will they most likely fail you can help them. But people oftenly doing some questionable plays you can’t predict, and because of this you oftenly can’t react in time.

So, we have another questionable opppinion of yours, with the amount of RNG in loot and crafting QP bonus don’t feel rewarding at all, I can’t reliably get Emperor’s chest even from QP boss maps if I can’t find additional loot dies. And even if I get those max quality chest I’ll probably get just another 3 useless oranges.

Too bad we have orange dust:blue dust:green dust 1:1:1 exchange ratio, and chances of obtaining oranges with decent property rolls are miserably low, in fact it doesn’t motivates me to farm oranges at all. But hey, you have better chances to get reds from higher quality chests! It’s true, but w/o any bad luck and dupe protection it doesn’t realy matter. For a long time I was running 3+2 leg runs obtaining general’s vaults and you know, i get like 3-5 of my 40+ reds from gen’s, in fact I got a lot more from lower quality vaults.

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Thats what the dedicated servers were supposed to fix. Now we can make this into another thread about fatshark not delivering, but that belongs in topical threads.

Cant say im having alot of fun watching AI being utterly incompetent. Predictable, sure, but still incapable.
Id rather take my chances with QP gamble. Also, as always, fun is subjective.

Thats actually not an opinion. Its a fact, quickplay gives you half a bar process. There is no if and when attached, its always there after completing the mission. Whether or not it leads to the chest being upgraded or the loot inside being good is not relevant, thats not the job of the QP bonus.

Your best hope is to wait for dedicated servers. Until then, if you want the frame, you gotta get a thick hide for the duration of 10 QP missions.

Yep, but in what time, 3 month, 6 month or maybe a whole year?

Well, if chance to get a higher quality vault that gives you chance to get better quality reward feels rewarding enough to you i’m glad. For me it doesn’t feel rewarding at all, and I wrote reasonings in previous post, don’t wanna repeat myself again.

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Well, a dollar to a beggar is worth alot and feels very rewarding. A dollar to a rich kid will not feel rewarding at all. It is a reward to something you choose, no matter if you feel it be rewarding or not.

I can feel you mate…

1st of all i van promise that i get a red or cosmetic in my first 3 chests of the day… it doesnt even cares if its a champ chest from the challenges or a legend vault… c- chests for cosmetics. ^^
Its like fatshark patched that for players with no time to play…

About your real issue…
I can’t play the Next 2 Weeks , because im on the road… so i had 1 evening to get 10 legend quickplays for all Event challenges… I got it Yeah… but to get a decent grp to get the last 1 was horrible…
I was such pissed off (2 a.m.already had to sleep) , so i started quickplay/f10/qp/f10 etc… till i was Host… I picked handmaiden , kicked joining players at the beginning and started to speedrun the map i got… it was warcamp… I just got to the battering ram session, cleared the whole horde behind me there, moved to the Boss, rezzed 2 finally joined players there ans we killed him…
I mean… this match was epic for myself, Never thought i could handle the "event-session"with the map behind me^^ , but just a pissed off speedrun try on quickplay at this daytime shouldn’t be neccessary , if i just coul’ve get this stuff with solo+bots…
It was either luck i got no random miniboss ans it sucks a bit, that the “event information” didnt come a month ago… or did i missed something?

I would highly recommend to qp with bots, if i dont “feel” to play with randoms…

You are missing my point completly, 1$ has it’s value, but what I’m talkin about is more similar to lottery ticket then 1$. This ticket can give you jackpot (red you want) or nothing or even frustration (another red necklace/trinket/another useless dupe).

Well, seems I should tell once again, if dust conversion raito wasn’t 1:1:1 it would’ve been somehow rewarding- you get more oranges from high tier vaults- you get more valuable currency that you can exchange for more green/blue dust, but atm it doesn’t matter if i get blues or oranges or even greens somtimes, no matter what items you dismantle you end up with prety much the same amount of dust. And you need a lot more green+blue dust then orange, so i just exchange most of orange dust I get.

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It doesnt matter if the reward does nothing for you. You clearly played past the point where it would. It does something for someone and that was Fatshark’s intention. They wont change how quickplay works and its rules just because one dood cant stand to play with other players, no matter the reasons, but still wants his frame.

They want people to play with other people, its not hard to understand really. And as an incentive they give you a bonus if you jump into matchmaking instead of going full loner-mode with bots. Im sure at some point of your time playing V2 you appreciated the QP bonus.

I’m prety sure you’ll be happy to get your salary not in bucks or w/e currency is in your country, but in lottery tickets. And a few words about “the rules”, maybe you haven’t played VT1 and you don’t know that loot/craft system changed drastically between release version and current version, it’s not some “unbreakable rule” that can’t be changed by any means.

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Quickplay wasnt in vt1.

Get over it, wont happen. I have given you plenty of reasons for the question you asked in your title. Not satisfied? Well, too bad.

Oh, hello, sir Bruce! I couldn’t remember what exactly this conversation reminds me, and finally I remebered!

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As someone who prefers the company of friends to playing alone or trying my luck with strangers (and is bad at making new friends to boot), I know the feeling. Especially as with friends, one could still play quickplay, but the one guy who could fill up my group is somewhere else this weekend so no full four-man party. We’re also not quite good enough for many people’s standards so it’s unlikely we’d get a longer-duration companion anyway. To be honest, I too dislike when a game “forces” its players to socialize. I want social stuff (with strangers, at least) to be a choice I make, not a requirement for a game or part of one. Yet another reason to dislike many mobile games, that one…

So yeah, I would very much like an option for private Quick play, even without the added socialization bonus of half a loot chest level, just to make these event quests (and a certain daily too) that much less annoying to get, but also to make the question “what map shall we play next” have an obvious answer. Unfortunately, unless we as a community start complaining a lot about it, we’re unlikely to get it as Quick Play seems pretty much designed for playing with random people, and encourage it. A bit too much encouragement (even if loot and chest quality isn’t that important later on), if you ask me, but whatever. Luckily, the event quest reward is just a portrait frame, and not especially impressive one at that, so ignoring it doesn’t hamper my playing any. The little perfectionist in me still nags, but it’s a mild annoyance at worst.

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the real reason is fatshark ran out of money and time so they released the game with (essential) features missing.

Step 1: Start any normal map as a host.
Step 2: Wait until someone joins.
Step 3: While they new players are loading, Press F10, abort the map, and “join” quickplay immediately. Make sure this happens as fast as possible, if the game kicks the joining players before you can choose quickplay you are in regualr QP queue.
Step4: Congratulations you are now hosting quickplay.