Host with a lot of lag - Suggestion

Having a host with lots of lag is a big problem, especially if the game insists on restarting the mission on host migration. Is that an engine limitation or just some stupid design? We just killed the vermin boss in the dwarf mines just to get the mission reset on the f*cking return point :angry::anger:

To prevent this, either:

  • Fix that idiotic feature: When migrating hosts, just put the players where they were and let them continue
  • If that cant be done, do not let people with a lot of lag (I’m sure you can detect their ping) host with other players. Let them be client instead.

Unless, of course, the promised dedicated servers will solve this issue… Any news on that?

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i solve this problem… by being the host myself. muahahhahahahahaha!


That’s a bit of a hassle when you want to just Quick Play. You need to create a custom game, wait for people to come, cancel it and then enter quick play.
That’s far from ideal, don’t you think?

yea it is i guess. the whole point of quickplay is to match u up with the lowest ping hosts around, or if none available u become the host.

being such a reflex reaction game, anything more than a hundred ping is pretty bad. thats peer to peer gaming for u