Resetting the game when the host leaves is killing quick play

It’s happening all too often to me now. You join a quick play session and get what looks like a decent level group. Then you get into the game and one or two are a bit gung ho. You get a good way into the level and a mini boss spawns. The host messes up badly, dies and rather than watching you fight the boss battle decides to bail.

Two big problems occur when you are then sent back to the start of the level. Firstly all progress is lost because 1 person couldn’t be bothered to wait. Secondly you are often half way through a good challenging fight, which is really fun, when suddenly you are cut short. It’s not even the loss of rewards that is a problem, it is that you are just so frustrated that the action of 1 player can ruin the mission. I play for fun because this is a great way to relax, but about 1/4 of my games now end up this way. It was fine last week and in beta but is a real problem now. Please find a way to stop the game resetting when the host bails on a mission.


it is damn silly games have been doing host migration for years and years now , why they did not improve this moving from 1 to 2 i just don’t understand and didnt someone say dedicated servers this time around anyway?

I imagine that they aren’t focusing on this because the problem will be solved anyway by dedicated servers which are currently being worked on and are projected as being done sometime in april or may, as stated here:

Was about to post a new topic until i read this. And lack of exp when you get kicked from a game eventhough you contributed.

I’m not sure if dedicated servers are still underway or whats the timeline as i see the roadmap page on the website to be empty. I bump this post as the host leaving issue happens atleast once in 6-10 games.

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Am I the only one who’s experienced this a grand total of 3 times in 500+ hours? Simple solution if you’re getting this a lot is to just host your own games…


Same. It just feels much worse when it happens near the end of a grueling public game. I had to call it for the night because of it happening near the end of a legendary Skittergate.

But not everyone can host games due to some hardware issues or unstable internet connection.

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Ah, fair enough. I remember my peasant days in Bermuda xD One of the richest countries in the world per capita, but has the worst internet… I was paying 110$ for 1Mbps connection lol. Recently, as in the last 5-6 years before I left. They upgraded the internet, so I was only paying 110$ for 8Mbps internet. Then I’m here in Sweden with 100Mbps for less than 2 beers at the pub back home…

Well, hopefully dedicated servers are a thing in the near future.