Host Migration is still stupid

It’s been a month since release and the god awful host migration system still exists.
It completely ruins the entire match if someone crashes or quits.
All progress and exp is lost.
Everybody’s time is wasted.
I have been complaining about this since the closed beta.
This the single reason why I stop playing the game.
V2 needs a checkpoint system.
Dedicated servers are not a fix for this.

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While I agree it should be fixed I haven’t had it nearly as much as I did the first week. I actually can’t remember it happening once in the last 2 weeks doing Quick Plays. I’m not saying it isn’t an issue, I just don’t think it’s their priority at the moment. FS is probably hoping dedicated servers will resolve this issue.

Not someone, just the host.

But that’s the thing, dedicated servers are just a band aid for this issue. For the long term it would be better to have a save/checkpoint system in peer to peer like other games implement.
And I think they promised dedicated servers for V1 and they never came.
At the very least you should get a defeated screen with a decent amount of exp.

Id say dedicated servers are a superior solution not a band aid.

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It only happens if the host crashes, not if “anyone” crashes.

Dedicated servers are THE fix, since they’re going to be stable and keep running, so if any party member crashes / lags out / whatever they will be able to reconnect.

Of course dedicated servers can have problems too, but those are super rare by comparison. On top of that making a checkpoint system sophisticated enough to allow any player to take over hosting and/or reload a game from a checkpoint, when that player was only a client and not the host (before the server crash), would be a huge undertaking and probably require a lot of resource overhead for the clients. Really not worth it no matter how you look at it.

I get it, crashes and losing XP from a mission suck. In my experience though, it almost never happens. My advice for the meantime is play with friends and make sure the person hosting has a good enough computer + internet connection to handle it. Or just be the host yourself :slight_smile:

Dedicated servers should also help a lot with lag. Too many unqualified people end up hosting on their smoke signal connections.

Yes but it happens far too frequently.
And no its not a resource hog, games like Warframe and even CoD manage to easily transfer data between hosts so no in-game progress is lost.
Just because it never happens to you doesn’t make it not a problem.
The host migration system in it’s current state is simply appalling, I have never played a multiplayer game with a migration system this bad (not even PayDay2).
And if they are bringing in dedicated servers I would imagine they will need to create a checkpoint system for the server to reference anyway.
And if they cannot get enough servers to meet player demand there will still be people using peer-peer.

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I’m amazed and dismayed that Vermintide 2 lacks host migration. That is such a basic, standard thing, and it was already inexcusable that the first game didn’t have it. Arguing against host migration is ridiculous and counterproductive. Players should raise more of a fuss over this issue.

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