Handle host disconnects fairly

I don’t want to comment on the volume of disconnects from host, other than say they seem more frequent than any other game I currently play or in memory have played.

IF FS can’t do anything about them, fair enough. But it is inconceivable that you haven’t thought about the time and energy spent by players on lengthy chaos waste runs, only to then be disconnected on the final battle. Boom 45 mins gone with absolutely no reward.

Why can’t you award vaults based on progress at the point of disconnection? Is that really too much to expect?

Ideally the host migration systems would work and people would have a good chance to fight for it.

Unfortunately that system is about as reliable as a coinflip, heck it even activates when the client has a poor connection to the host and tries to toss em over to another client who doesnt have that problem.

That just fails since the other client is still a client and throws the unlucky people back into the keep.

If you reconnect to the same host during that run, you will have all your stuff back. Not sure exactly how it works when the host itself crashes, but on one such event, the other 2 players got migrated to me as clients and we got to continue from the crash onward with all of our stuff. If I’m playing with a friend hosting and someone joins then crashes, we usually set the lobby private, look the person up via steam and invite them back in if they want to continue. Otherwise you can try to make your way back via the lobby browser, but yeah it sucks if someone slips in your slot.