Chaos Wastes desperately needs a checkpoint system.

With how unstable this game inherently is (badly optimized, bad netcode and numerous other issues) Chaos Wastes desperately needs some kind of checkpoint system where you can experience a crash but still able to continue where you left off or close to it.

All night tonight (about 5 games) both me and two of my friends who plays this game has experienced crashes to desktop, lost connection to host and a bunch of other issues that resulted in all progress lost without actually dying or failing the expedition.

Just now my friend who hosted got crash to desktop on last event on an expedition. 1-2 hours of wasted time since host migration failed and everyone else got booted out to Pilgramage Chamber without any means to continue.

I do not mean a checkpoint system for dying or failing. But one for disconnects, crashes and other problematic things (like getting kicked at the very end).


There is host migration that resets to the beginning of a specific map.


Yeah, but it works about 50% of the time if not even less. Also some are just not fit to be host. There’s no way to join back into a QP if you’ve been disconnected or CtD:d.


Yeah I dunno how reliable it is, but not being able to rejoin a QP feels bad.

It is kind of fine in the normal mode because it ain’t such a big time investment as Chaos Wastes. But with high risk/high reward expedition the biggest risk of failure I’ve seen so far are crashes, disconnects and bugs.

I had a Cataclysm run early this morning that went really well. Until 2nd to last map where we all got stuck (all 4 of us) behind a flag. No mobs, no boss or anything could reach us but we couldn’t get out of there either. We had to suicide and fail the expedition.

With a checkpoint system of any kind we could possibly have salvaged that.

Its not a good solution but when i play as a client i make a note of looking over the names of others in the game. Then if if the host crashes or i dc then i can often (not always) join again. Either just pop back in or into a lobby now hosted by one of my fellow clients now turned host.

I keep my weapons/boons/coins but scoreboard resets which isnt too bad.

Of course i´d be happier with a bit more protection and failsafe stuff in place. Randomly DC´ing or crashing isnt great.

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indeed, a full chaos waste needs 40min or longer, and its network is too bad for a coop game.
but for a consideration of rouge-like gameplay, it can just transform all of your boons and weapons to coins which have a universal price in game accroding to its rarity.

Agreed, this is one big factor why people will stop playing CW very quick.

Its already slowly dying…

To skip the dedicated servers comes back to bite FT in the ass.