Got an Email for Season 2, Nice! (Checkpoints Added?)

I got an email for Season 2 of this game, so it popped in my mind… I was curious about checkpoints. I know we are never getting dedicated servers, but did they ever add a checkpoint system so if the host gets disconnected at the 95% complete mark of a level, all of your progress isn’t simply erased?

I hope you either get a partial reward now or start over at a checkpoint now after a host migration.

Not yet, unfortunately. But, if it helps, there’s this sanctioned mod you can use so you can just host your own quickplays, minimizing the risk of you ever getting rekt by a host who ragequits:

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I see this suggestion often posted when this topic comes up again and again. Though if everyone followed that advice, the game would become inevitably a pure single player experience.
The existence of this mod doesn’t exculpate FS from a proper solution.

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