Checkpoint-esque system for disconnects

We all get burned by disconnects. 30 seconds away from a portal on a hard-fought, full-book run, and then, of course, a bloody disconnect.
I get it. Internet connections and netcode aren’t perfect. Some people are arseholes who kick before the end of the mission.

A humble request; would it not be unreasonable to have some form of checkpoint system only to be used in the case of disconnects? Maybe at certain times between hordes, or after certain map events, each client saves the “state” of the run so far, so that if your (or the host’s) internet craps out, you don’t lose 40+ minutes of progress.

I understand the concern of this being cheesed to get out of sticky spots, but surely there must be some balancing point to make this possible?

I have this problem affecting me on maybe 1 in 5/6 missions, and it’s frustrating as all hell. I bloody love this game, and I’m sure the rest of you do, but every time this happens I need to take a break.

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I’d like to see what other people think.


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