Ffs fix host migration already

The game has been out for the best part of a month now and the host migration issue still hasn’t been fixed. NO OTHER game like this has this problem. Left 4 Dead saves your progress when you migrate, Warframe saves your progress when you migrate. THIS IS NOT A DIFFICULT FIX.
The only data that is going to be important to players is are; Health, Special atk, items equipped (grims+tomes), loot die and last area recorded.
And we already know that the game checks for area as there is a pop-up of the areas name upon entry.
Please fix this Fatshark, this problem only exacerbates every other issue with the game.

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aaand u rly know that? Ok. But hey, FS told something about dedicated servers so mabe just simply wait for progression in this matter. I’m sure they know that issue.


From a scripting point of view(I don’t know that much coding) it would be a simple boolean, true/false check that would be stored in a temporary save that could be transferred over to the new host(this is all theory but given how other games that use peer-peer, it makes sense).
Aaaaand they have been promising dedicated servers since V1 and they are still not here.
Also this fix would be good regardless of having servers or not.

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This need emergency hotfix…

Today got 4 host disconections in a row at 90% of progress (was smooth run, host just vanish and that was it)… 1 hour of game and you get NOTHING, I wont say its wasted time because I have fun, but if this gonna repeat much in future, I alredy see big seed of frustration incoming.

They promised dedicated servers in April…lets see…


No it does not work like scripting nor does it work with just Boolean. Try using google before running to the forums.


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whoa dude. just whoa

it’s not that easy. rofl

i do agree it needs a solution tho.

I know it wouldn’t be that easy but with my experience with UE4 and its scripting component, something like a checkpoint system can be done very easily.
However I know very little about how the Stingray Engine works (V2 & V1’s Engine), and it is entirely possible that the engine itself is what is limiting this kind of functionality but I find that to be unlikely as most engines are capable of using checkpoint systems as well as checkpoints that can be transferred over multiplayer matches.
Instead of saying it is easy I probably should have said it is entirely possible function to achieve and more importantly should have been a function since launch.

Stop talking about “can be done very easily” this game has tons of things to manage, including a lot of netowking, it’s not easy.
Let the dev develop dedicated servers or host a game if you don’t want to risk disconnect…

The promise of dedicated servers is irrelevant.
This was a problem in both the closed and open beta that was raised by several people which did not seem to be recognized by the dev’s as the problem still persists without any comment other than dedicated servers.
And even if I host a game, if my connection gets interrupted or I crash everyone else the party will still be reset or disbanded which is still likely as crashes are still fairly common for a lot of players.

And as for hosting games, the dev’s have dis-incentivised players from doing so because of the quickplay reward.

As primary solution they shoud coclude defeat screen at least if host leave.

In this case you will at least get some EXP, a small compensation for game which is ruined because host disconect at 90% of progress.

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