Change Host Migration to Keep

This applies for the case, when the host leaves the game/ disconnects:

Host migration is a nice feature, if progress wouldn’t be lost. The hearsay is that it is technically hard or impossible to implement a host migration, where progress isn’t lost. Also the newly started game seems to prevent other players from joining.

Proposal: Remove host migration that restarts a game, because:

  • Progress is lost anyway
  • Joining time for other players too high
  • 99% nobody migrates to new host
  • Migration doesn’t necessarily choose the best host (connection-wise)
  • And because nobody migrates, players will usually have to wait until the game is loaded, only to leave it and go back to the keep


  • Change host migration to keep/lobby

The loading times for the keep aren’t high, and it is likely to meet players you want to keep playing with. Also migration should have a 10s timer or should be straight up instant since joining the lobby doesn’t take much time.


I have never had a situation where I wouldn’t have preferred to land in the keep, rather than having to sit through a loading screen just to end up in a broken bot run that I have to leave anyway, and then load into the keep again.

There is ZERO reason to keep the status quo. Fatshark, change this.