Host migration doesn't work

When the host disconnects, one of the two happens during host migration:

  • I get thrown out of the game. No rewards, nothing.
  • The level is restarted with me and bots, the rest of the team is gone. Noone ever joins.

Host migration is a myth.
It simply doesn’t work, never worked in V1 either.
It’s better if you accept the fact and forget about it, just like dedicated servers.


I get that it doesn’t work, but pretending that it is not a problem won’t make the issue go away. Because that’s what it is for players - an issue.

If it’s a myth, why do we even get notified about the process in game?

Since your progress in the game is not saved anywhere, even if host migration worked, you’d have to restart the map anyway.
This is well known - maybe not for you-, thus once the host is gone, everybody just stops the migration process and loads back into the keep.

This is, unfortunately, the expected behaviour (at least for now). We know improvements are needed.

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Maybe some things should be scrapped, so that we don’t have this limbo of uncertainity that encompasses certain “features” of the game…

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