Host Migration is a joke

I’m sorry but something has to be done to improve this, especially since Chaos Wastes takes 1h+ to finish. Just lost one hour of my time because host decided to rage quit after being downed one hour deep and almost being done with expedition. I had “joining host” and host migration was in progress, YES I did join a new host… in his keep. There need to be a prevention, some kind of save so in case we crash/dc or our host decides to be a crybaby we can somehow start from where we left. Seriously… When something takes over one hour to finish in a game where crashes/dc and ragequitting hosts are so common having such bad host migration is a complete joke. Not everyone can play with premade group all the time, not everyone can host. Please improve host migration or implement a progress save so we can continue where we DC/Host Quit.


Sadly, host migration being utterly useless is an old grief everyone share.
The next best thing is being host yourself, or finding a group and trust the host not acting selfishly.

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Ahem. Dedicated servers! [ducks]

Host migration actually worked for me today. I was at the end of the citadel, host’s connection died probably 30s before the final fight was completed. Host migration restored me and another guy to the beginning of the level and we finished it with bots.

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Hosting yourself or playing with premade doesn’t solve all the problems with the game. First not everyone have enough friends to be able to make premade groups all the time, there are times u have to play with randoms. Even when u play with premade group bad things can still happen, host can crash or just straight up DC making everyone drop cuz host migration decides to not work properly.

Host migration is a lottery, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. It worked for you but like I said, it didnt work for me. When host migration ended we just got put back into the keep with new host. For normal games host migration means nothing since from what i’ve just heard it just restarts the whole level so its pointless but atleast for Chaos Wastes u only restart last played level, but it’s still bad because it doesnt work all the time and it doesnt solve all the problems especially when u play with randoms.

I had a savior moment with host migration. I was the host of the game and we were on the second to last mission and a bile troll spawned with a horde and a hex buff. For some reason this crash the game because the troll was going from full health to half health rapid fire, and the game couldn’t handle it. However I was playing with some friends and one of them was able to recover the game at the beginning of that stage. We all reconnected with a new host and we still retained all our previous Buffs and the scoreboard wasn’t even changed. That was going to be a game-breaking experience for me but for once this seems to be working pretty well to counteract some of the bugs.

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I’m glad it worked for you. But when youre talkin about how the system worked, for me its a description of how the system doesnt work. Three ppl crashed and one was lucky enough to get host migration to work and be put into the level with bots. If u guys werent in premade but 4 randoms that would mean only 1 person would have their run saved when 3 of you would just lose all the progress. This system needs to change asap, especially for Chaos Wastes. Reconnect option is needed, in case u crash/dc from the run your slot is locked for few minutes and youre able to reconnect easly. Save progression is also needed, after completing the level it should stay saved on the table map in case everyone crash. We need a prevention system so these things dont happen and when they happen we can still continue.

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I absolutely agree that it should be way better at recovering games for everyone, especially for quick play. I’m just surprised it worked at all for anyone. Had I lost that playthrough, I wouldn’t be playing Chaos Wastes again so I understand the frustration.

Let’s put it like this: as awful as host migration is, it at least has some minor redeeming quality in Chaos Wastes. It is utterly useless everywhere else and it has been utterly useless since forever. I think it is the single greatest frustration generator with this game for me. When something happens in the middle of the run - host crashes or rage quits - there is nothing worse than being forced to spend extra time trying to get out of the unwanted position. For years I have been failing to understand why this has been implemented like this, but I certainly hope that the person responsible is reading this and knows that I hate him/her.


Last time I had a host disconnect, the host migration worked in the Chaos Wastes. In my case once the host disconnected, it continued at the beginning of the level I was playing with a new host (another player). All progress prior to that was saved. That was the first instance that I was glad that host migration actually worked in the game (because in regular mode, it was pretty much useless). I believe that if the new host cancels the migration or exits the level after it has loaded, it will put the clients in the keep after they join the new host.

Migration has never worked since day 1. Let’s hope for it in V3…

And dedicated servers in VT7.


I dream about gettin proper host migration one day. Or atleast save progression/reconnect options. Playing Chaos Wastes is pain atm. Constant anxiety and being scared of losing all the progress.