Host migration... not like this

If the host of my lobby quits or disconnects, we could previously opt out of joining a new host in the Keep, which I always would. Now we’re seemingly always forced into the new lobby, even if it’s for the host leaving after a game ending. This is bad.

To be clear, I do not want to auto-enter a new lobby with the remaining players. This wastes my time. I want to go to an empty lobby or at least have the ability to opt out. I mainly join games by seeing what’s available through the browser because I prefer having control over what map and character I’m playing on.

If you ever want to implement actual host migration that sticks us back where we were playing on a map with no lost progress… sweet, that would be ideal, but shoving us all back into a lobby together particularly rubs salt in the wound after getting screwed over by a disconnect or ragequit. Please either revert this change or give us the option to decline.


While I personally don’t have a problem with the change, there is no reason it shouldn’t be optional. I agree that the option to opt out should most certainly be there.

Hey at least it finally actually works instead of just closing if you sit there waiting anyways!

But seriously, it should VERY much be optional, or just removed in-general(the game was fine before, when it never even had host migration or what we have now or before this patch)

I agree. Also, I have never seen host migration work. I’ve been playing since 2018., 2k+ hours. Not one successful host migration.

Here are other feedback I found on the same topic:

The host migration change is plainly stupid. It forces the new host to either quit and restart the game or wait for the players to connect before he can disband the party.

I cannot host because my connection is not so good and I don’t have so much bandwidth. I dunno why I should be forced to lose time when a disconnection happens.

There used to be only one CANCEL button, now there is only an OK button. Can’t we just have both ?

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I guess FS made it so you could contemplate on the vicissitudes of life with the rest of your team.
My solution to the problem: stop joining games - become the host and never-ever quit the games.
Over the years I have had some some real nasty experiences, yet I’m yet to quit a game (though let me be frank I was this close many-many times).

Semn, your solution just has me forcing 2-3 teammates into a new lobby every time I disband, so it solves a problem for me by pushing it onto other people, and creates a significant new one for me, which is either playing with bots (which doesn’t feel viable above Champion right now) for some unknown amount of time… possibly an entire map, or waiting around for the lobby to fill, which can be absolutely tedious, moreso right after a new class being released.

How about we just have the ability to opt out of joining the forced Keep lobbies? What is the problem with wanting that option?

This seems like a change that would have to have a reason behind it, not just random, so we’ll have to wait for FS to mention why in the next patch notes with the other missing stuff or maybe in here

I agree, it is not a perfect solution, more of a fix. It works for me though.
I never wait for the lobby to fill, just start the map. More often than not you will have a full party by the end of your run. Bots definitely suck, however you can think of them as of an extra challenge - it is possible to finish any map playing solo.

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