When host quits, please dont restart the level

It wastes time. I’m just going to leave the game anyway.

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This is something that shouldn’t always be the case, but most of the time I agree with you: it is easier for most QP games to get tossed back to the keep. However, in some cases, I’d much rather load straight into the map so that I don’t have to load the keep, wait for them to switch up their kit/career, salvage, reroll, wait for everyone to ready up,etcetc… people are slow when they get to the keep.

When my crew is rolling out, I’d much prefer to stay in map so that we can just launch back into it if someone DCs so that they can reconnect partway through. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell the difference between an ‘all-friends’ QP and a public QP. It’d be very difficult to implement and I’m sure there are many people on both sides of the argument; inevitably, implement or not, someone will dislike it.

I’d like something in between.

If the host quits or we die, I would like a little window with prompt “Retry Map”, “Return To Lobby”, “Return to Main Menu”. Give me a 5 second timer, set the default action however you want. With that said, If I were given these options after every death or connection issue, I would be a happier player.

I would like something that works in Vermintide 1 for years. You know… someone else from party becomes host and party continues where the host ragequited.

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