Since "return to keep" when host leaves is impossible


Since it is obviously impossible to implement something reasonable like “never restart a level if the host leaves”, I would like to suggest adding one of these approaches, whichever is easier to implement:

a) just close the VT2
b) hard reset Windows

Thank you.


Pretty sure both of those options are already available.


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Both require user intervention.

P.S. Power off != Reset.

They could just return you to the keep

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I thought the same. But why don’t they? I presume it’s too difficult, so here I am, offering other options, less frustrating than the current state of things.

You know what’s funny? I’ve seen it work before. Once. In almost 2000 hours.
Host ragequit, the rest of us landed in the keep together.

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Wat, really?!

The burden is heaviest on the Chosen One, aka new host. As it should be.