If host quits, disconnects or crashes, at least bring us back to the keep

Since the game currently cannot rescue the match and has to restart by disbanding the group and throwing all players each into their own match with all bot team mates, and back to the start of the map, it might as well move you directly back to the keep instead.
I’ve noticed these matches rarely ever get filled up with players again, so unless you want to run with only bots (in which case you wouldn’t have been in a match with other players to begin with), you are better of queuing anew. This would save us at least the double loading screen and cutscene which currently just waste extra time on top of what is already wasted by the aborted match.


Or have some sort of disconnect checkpoint system that would be even better! Just anything to avoid those horrendous moments where a host DCs right at the end of a run.


This is a good idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game pick up again a new host after the existing one leaves.

FYI, consoles (at least the Xbox) do this already.

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