Please make the match end when the host leaves

“Oh nuts, looks like we wiped shortly before finishing the level. At least I’ll get some experience and maybe a commendation chest. Oh no wait, the host just left…”

Guess I’ll:

  1. Wait for the map to slowly reload
  2. Start over from the beginning
  3. Play the map with bots and no possibility of humans ever joining

On no wait, that’s a miserable experience and total waste of my time. What I’ll actually do is curse loudly, forcibly close Vermintide 2, and if I’m not completely tilted by this awful “feature,” relaunch the game.

Fatshark seriously, it’s common sense that reloading the map after the host leaves is awful and no one would possibly want this to happen. For the love of god just make the match end when the host leaves. Or if you’re dead set that this is a “feature,” at least make it one that we can opt out of. It’s honestly embarrassing that this is still a problem after all this time.