[Host Priority] Suggestion

With dedicated servers not being on the horizon maybe we should optimize what we have, hosting.

I think there should be some prioritizing systems for hosts and/or more options for joining quick plays. Factoring in…

Host Factors
-Computer System Ability
-Connectivity Speeds
-Game Completion Rates (victory or defeat) vs Disconnects, when hosting.

System options for quick play (beyond just regional range, character slot available)
-Mid Match or New Game prioritizing toggle
-Ignore Mod lobbies that force hosts?

As is it seems just FIFO + Mod forced lobbies clunking system up. Might need to initiate short wait time to allow multiple hosts for comparisons once running should fill up higher priority lobbies first &/or your search preferences… IDK maybe too many factors of small player pool and player preferences as well as mod interference.

Fixing or just removing Host Migration as well.