"#$#$"$! hosts and dedicated servers

Since there are no signs of the dedicated servers, the feature that has been requested by so many and promised so long ago, I would kindly ask for just one minor feature: a way to know who hosted the last game. I adore situations where the host decides to waste everyone’s time by quitting for whatever reason - the host dies, the game is lost and the host doesn’t want to waste host’s time, the host realises in the middle of the run that he/she is late for a dinner with his/her SO (I had more than 20 such incidents during the last 3 days) - and I really don’t want to play with such players ever again.

Ideally, the game would also:
a) instead of restarting the level, ask the player to confirm it
b) offer the way to block the previous host if the game has not ended properly.


I think a reputation system would be good. Or simply show us the stats of players. I’ve said this before, but even BF3 back in the day had the quit % stat for players. Another solution is to actually allow us to block players through steam.

Another way around this, encourage players to continue together instead of everyone quitting at the keep. Give them a party bonus the longer they player together or something.


I agree with the stats system. Back in the days of Dota1, you could see how many games a player has abandoned. That would already be a big help, and a deterrent.

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