Game restart on host ragequit/quit

This is tilting me… especially when we have a sienna who dies in a horde and everyone else is safe and alive, he decides to ragequit, what if we are at the end of the map and host just decides to ragequit because he died of his poor gameplay, even tho we can finish, we are screwed. Makes me not want to play games anymore unless im the host, which makes it a bit more time consuming to find people rather than joining games… Im just saying, this has to be changed, we can’t just have 1 guy being able to screw all of us. You have no idea how much times i had the chance to save the day being the last one standing but host decides to ruin it, even the challenge and to try it, it ruins it… rather play with bots imho.

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I don’t understand why people do that…die and wait for the wipe/ defeat screen…get some XP…die and quit…get NOTHING, and be a toxic player.


This happened to me earlier, joined a pub for legend was going alright, then sienna decides to climb up the ladders near 2nd tome on screaming bell. Proceeds to get surrounded by enemies dropping off the bridge/climbing up and rages in voice “f’ing dwarf” when all 3 of us are together and still alive and ragequits, forcing the level to reset.

Pretty much a lost cause, and it’s something you have to put up with as long as we don’t have dedicated servers. Fartshark has stated they want to use them in the future. Don’t hold your breath.

They already have Dedicated servers planned and on the way in the next patch coming along with the mod support and first DLC package. The problem is there time frame provided is probably gonna be slightly off.

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