Temporary punishment for leaving game

The title says it all, it is super annoying spending hours every week grinding through hordes and enjoying the slaughtering until the host leaves the game… We all know the feeling of getting down, or maybe you are annoyed on someone and decide not to cooperate or something, but leaving the game is a jerk move. It will be nice to see some kind of “punishment” system because when the host leaves the entire map closes down and we get thrown back to our home. Let’s say 1 leave is 10 min of can’t create or join a game, and the more the “host” leaves it adds another 10 mins and it keeps staggering (for the same day). Yeah, it might sound harsh but it is super annoying sitting wasting time so much. The game won’t go on hold and find a new host, we do not get XP like we do when we lose a game.

Soooo, yeah wasting 20+ min is the thing that really makes “the first queen” really angry ^-^. League of Legends have a similar system for leaving games, I would love to see it here so the problem hopefully can be reduced.

Peace love and blood’n’gory to you lovely people out there <3

Solution: Host your own game. Better solution: dedicated servers. Even better solution: Don’t put stupid punishment mechanics in a co-op game because you want to feed your own lust for revenge.


I once saw a host quit the game when we refused to pick up a grim because we were getting our butts handed to us and didn’t need the extra debuff. He said “ok then I’m closing the map” and did just that. Most of the time though it’s hosts that quit the second a defeat becomes inevitable - hey moron, you still get XP for defeat, at least let me build toward my next commendation chest :frowning: jerks

This game desperately needs dedicated servers. 90% of the problems I have with it are related to the PtP hosting, either because of ping or because of nincompoops that close the map early and ruin it for everyone.

Even if FS can’t afford to run host servers, I would pay for a DLC that does nothing but provide server code so we can rent our own permanent host like the old school games had.


Such a heretic

Dropping and joining are a pain, I agree. When 2 join and you’re elbow deep in a horde and a chaos spawn, it’s not fun being 2 players down while they join.

Unfortunately, online gaming is largely populated by the Orange, the Dim, and the Inconsiderate.

Some kind of debuff for consistently dropping when you get downed or dropping as host might be something to consider, but if I get a debuff because someones connection breaks then I’ll be annoyed.

I happen to think blocking people in steam should stop them from joining you(or you joining them) in game, and once people realise they’re blocked by half the world they might consider attempting to be a functioning human being.

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I’d like to see a hosting specific penalty. Like if the host shuts down a game when people are connected, they get banned from hosting for an hour or something like that. They’d still be able to join games or play private of course. A fits-the-crime punishment that would encourage people to stick it out till the keep before disbanding.


What happens if my game crashes? Also, if host gets punished for quitting, clients who disconnect when they died shouldn’t be able to join for an hour. And people who die while having a grim (and therefor ruining the loot for everybody!) should be banned from picking up grims for a week.

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That is excatly my point.

Whart #kekmaster is saying is slighty misunderstood since it is not personal revenge i am out after. It is the oppertunity for making games themself. How people chose to interect with other players being nice or a filthy bastard is up to them, heck some players even get straight mad and hostile if you do not follow their military command “STAY HERE”, “DO THAT” or “YOU IDIOT YOU DIED” the issues goes on. Dedicated servers is a wish, but i’m no server expert what the cost is and maintaining. Guess their pockets aren’t that deep else we would have dedicated by now.

People behavior is up to themself, but ruining others day is straight up a moment if quitting the game for some time until the blood lust comes back and log on to get on with the slaughtering. A host penalty at some degree would be appriciated. Also someone like me who only have an hour at some days, to sit down and actually do some gaming after work only to get “butthurt” over this nonsense.

It wouldn’t apply to crashes which means the way to get around it would be to kill Vermintide in the task manager.
I disagree about the client points. It’s really just host quitting that ensures the game ends. Losing grims happens but won’t end the game for you.


This… so many times I’ve had the host quit when all 3 of the party go down. Meanwhile I’m on the handmaiden with a conc pot, I can just ULT all the way to the captured team mates and ress them. Very annoying.

They should just put in a karama system, so people who quit a lot for the above mentioned problems are flagged. You see a guy with a red name, you probably don’t want him to host.

Also, their is a mod you can use to make sure you are always the host.


Easily solved by keeping a revolving score. First offense per hour, no penalty. Second offense get warned… etc. And offenses fall off at a set time frame so people that crash at a typical rate won’t get punished. Usually.

The hyperbole is not appreciated. It’s a legitimate problem and deserves real discussion. Although I agree punishment isn’t the way, that never works even in persistant online games like MMO’s people just work around it. What’s really needed is some kind of always-online servers.


As someone who regularly got temp bans in overwatch for leaving quickplay games, I can tell you all that nobody who leaves games cares about a temporary punishment. If anything it just makes the behaviour worse.

There should definitely be a ‘host rating’ or something though, so that new joiners can know if the host is a spud and can then make the educated choice to stay or leave before they commit to the run.


It’s pretty easy to determine if the host crashed or if they intentionally quit through the menu. I mean right now if you are hosting and try to quit it will say “hey there’s people connected are you sure?” So tracking whether someone clicks the next “Yes I’m a jerk” Button is pretty straightforward. For example I play rocket league and if you intentionally quit a competitive match you’re banned for 15 min, but if you crash you get a prompt to rejoin on launching the game again. It’s a pretty straightforward thing.

Why punish clients that quit? They get replaced instantly by a bot, and chances are (if they rage quit on death) a human will replace them by the time they respawn. Even if a client just quits it’s no big loss. Everyone else can keep on playing no issue.

Suggesting to punish people that die with grims is just effing stupid and makes me wonder if you’re trolling or just being an elitist jerk.


So I can tab out and close the game to prevent it or close it via tab manager to circumvent any penalty (and considering how long it takes for the game to load back into the keep sometimes, it’s not even that much slower).

Why punish hosts that quit? Nobody forces you to play with any host, you do that on your own volition. It’s their game, they can quit it whenever they see fit. Don’t like that? Don’t play with them, host your own game.

Neither, I was simply being cynical. Suggesting to punish anyone in a game is “effing stupid” in my eyes. It’s not the players’ job to ensure a smooth gaming experience and if dedicated servers (that were promised by the developers) were a thing, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Not that I am someone who quits as host, but I am not judging people who do. Maybe they crashed, maybe they had connection issues, or maybe they simply didn’t want to play with the othersy anymore, who knows, the result is the same and that there is no proper host migration or dedicated servers is not their fault.
If the host quitting happens that regularly to you, find other people to play with. In the same way they can’t make you stay in their game because you are not here for anyone’s entertainment but your own, they are not there for your fun or mine. Calling for punishment like that in a co op game is not only extremely entitled, selfish and childish (“whaa whaa, he took his football home with him so we all can’t play anymore! Punish them, daddy!”) in my view, it can also easily become a slippery slope and that’s my point. A player leaving or losing a grim can easily become almost equally destructive to the fun the other players have, so why draw the line at the host quitting?
This is something that doesn’t warrant any kind of regulation (and as shown, if it distinquishes between quitting and closing the game, can easily be exploited) and no infighting within the community. Press the developers to make good on their promise to deliver dedicated servers.

I get your point, but it still doesn’t make up to hours the majority gets exposed to every weeks, we are talkin hours of progression lost, not just a few games. Fair enough, there is many other ways to make a punishment system.

  1. Like Overwatch: https://www.metabomb.net/overwatch/gameplay-guides/overwatch-how-the-leaver-penalty-system-works -> Leaving a game can make you XP income go down to 75% (This methid uses the last 20 games you have played and then calculate the outcome of the given XP procent)

  2. League of Legends https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Leaver_Buster copy past * Queue timeout:

  • 1st offense - Player is unable to join the matchmaking queue for 6 minutes.
  • 2nd and following offenses - Player is unable to join the matchmaking queue for 15 minutes.
  • 5 offenses or more - Player is unable to join the matchmaking queue for 20 minutes.
  • Additionally, if in ranked queue:
    • 1st offense - Player loses 3 League Points.
    • 2nd and following offenses - Player loses 10 League Points.
  1. Now i Apex Legends they are “Whaa Whaa” for a similar issues https://answers.ea.com/t5/General-Feedback/Penalty-for-leaving-players/td-p/7520462 They too want some kind of punishment system for teamplayers that quits for X reason.

Trust me there are plenty of more games with different ways of dealing with leavers. But in VM2 it is rather extreme and even tho you say it does not belong in a co-op game IT DOES, and we need it. The game is made to be fun not to be egoists where all host the game and feel like “Ohh god we are loosing, it is all your fault. Wait what, we lost a grim? Want me to shut down the game?”. Yeah maybe not give them a punishment system that bans hosting, but some XP decreese or something. There is nothing more worse of having such power to be the ultra duchebag when it is clearly abused.

But you are right it is mega sad to see this disccusion been taking up on how to punish other players, but there should absolutely be somekind of punishment in some way. Playing online with other players and wasting hours, play the game and don’t leave for beeing a bad looser or take the consequences.

Dedicated servers and proper host migration. Punishing players for incapability of developers is bad practice and uncalled for. Besides, it’s not like they are ever going to bother with something like this. Don’t think it is their philosophy towards gaming and it would require additional programming effort that is needed elsewhere (FS is a small company, after all).

One of them will be a nice solution, either the cost of a dedicated server + maintenance or a permanent piece of code. Dedicated server one would be the luxury to have :slight_smile:

The frustration when a run gets wasted completely because of someone else’s action can be quite great, and yes, some people use it as a griefing method. But like @SmokerT69 said, imposing a significant punishment would be likely to make people circumvent the penalty by faking a crash. And if a person does it on purpose, griefing in mind, they aren’t likely to care about a (temporary) punishment. So no, I don’t think imposing a punishment for leaving a game early is the answer to this.

The best solution would likely be a better-working host migration, one that would actually let the rest of the group to start from one of few predefined points in the middle of the map instead of the beginning, “wasting” only part of the run. I guess dedicated servers could also do this, but that kind of depends on how they ended up working.

But a stopgap measure, before something more permanent was done, could be to not punish the clients for he host’s actions or problems. That is, if the host leaves in the middle of a run, consider that run a regular failure for the clients and clients only. Let them get the exp for it and see the stats. If anyone, host or not, leaves voluntarily (or through a crash), they get nothing, but if the run gets terminated because the host got frustrated, the rest at least get the fail exp. I’m thinking this would reduce the frustration for the victims as the run wouldn’t be completely wasted, and possibly reduce the incentive for some people to grief as they’d be the only ones really losing out on it.


They’re not, and they know it. It’s not losing the reward that makes these incidents so frustrating, it’s losing the time that was spent on it.

XP and lootboxes are worthless compared to play time. It’s true that the XP and loot are the thing that a lot of people are after though. It would definitely sting to lose them, but those things aren’t the real loss.

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Indeed, the main issue is not the loot/skins we receive, many of us is beyond the pace to even care what we get since we already got legendaries and all the goof on all classes. It is the time we invest in a game we love and have a great passion for. There will always be “those” guys that love to ruin others days just for their own pleasure. I do not like the idea of punishing players myself, it is sad to see this dilemma been brought up on the forums, but I can’t sit down enjoying the little time I have compared to many others due to RL things, so I came here to share my experience and face the issue, and pray Sigma to guide our way! ^-^

BTW I have downloaded the mod that is approved by FS (the one that makes you host the games yourself!). The games now run 100% no matter is we have all the books or not! A run is a run. During one game I saw up to 7 leaving and joining in one run which somehow amused me, but only once. I saw one guy fighting alone while we other were biting our nails of behind the screen just to see him sweating his way over to our bonded bodies. He did a marvelous job on that! That opportunity is a rare sight before games close down. But ey now I can slaughter and get my hero safe home through the portal every time no matter how many scratches she gets.

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