Join Host/Leave

Fatshark, PLEASE, PLEASE revert to the old “leave” button when a host disbands the party. The new “ok” button is just awful and is an objective downgrade. Now you have to sit in a queue of like 3 people constantly disconnecting right after you finish a mission. Give us the option to just leave the party instead of forcing us to connect to the next host.



Getting bounced from one host to another 3 separate times after a game is just silly. :+1:


At least give an explanation on why this and the massive networking changes happened. I understand it’s the holidays but why dump this on the community without even mentioning it, then go on vacation and leave it for at least a month? Your game and DLC was on sale the whole time, this isn’t a very good first impression and I thought this was a mistake already learned from.

Starting to feel like we aren’t going to see any movement until February at this point.


I’ve not had this experience at all. Any time the host leaves, disconnects, or crashes, I get put into my own keep with the other people.

But they all do leave immediately after loading.

That is very interesting and seems quite frustrating you get put in everyone else’s lobby and stuck in loading screens though.

That’s because in those unfortunate situations the game chooses you for the new host. Maybe it’s your charming personality or lack of the same in other teammates.

Well, I suggested they should close the entire game or reset the computer instead of the previous arrangement, but they obviously want to tempt us with more sophisticated forms of torture.

And after those “networking changes”, the ping is easily goes over 100 even in small country like South Korea. ※South Korean is smaller than average size of states of USA.

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