Add an abandonment penalty system please

People like to abandon missions if they’re scared of challenge or if theyre raging. It screws over the normal player who isnt addicted to loot. Please add a 5 or 10 minute penalty where they can’t join games if they leave.

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would you rather keep a raging player in your party? this isnt league of legends or something, someone will fill in.
Leaving certain maps isnt about beeing scared of a challenge, some are simply not enjoyable in public games.


And whats with people joining a group that trolls and you dont want to put up with them because you already played with them?

The problem with that is, sometimes people aren’t just “scared of a challenge” or “raging”. I am someone who loves to game, for example, but I also do on-call work, and when the phone rings I gotta jet. Once I had to leave abruptly because I thought my house was on fire, as I smelled smoke, but it turned out my neighbor was burning something in his backyard, so I joined another game real quick after. Any emergency can pull you away from gaming as well. Life throws you curve balls sometimes, and it would really suck to be penalized for that - whether for minutes/hours/days/permanent. I suppose an argument could be made for me to “just stop playing types of games where you need to dedicate 15-20 minutes of time”, but that’s not really a solution to the problem.

It’s hard to determine the real reason why someone leaves a game. You’re assuming they are scared of a challenge, or rage quitting, but you can’t confirm (unless they literally say it in VoIP or chat). This game still experiences frequent crashes too at unfortunate times (I’ve had friends DC during the middle of a horde … guess their PC, or the game couldn’t handle all the “stuff” happening? I don’t know). Besides, when they leave or disconnect, you get a bot (who isn’t scared of a challenge haha), and usually, in a few seconds or a minute or two later - someone else replaces the bot.

If you know, or suspect someone is raging, a “Report Player” button would be more viable perhaps, where you can report someone on your team for being one of many things. But then if that is implemented another problem arises, where people, or groups of people who have fragile emotions may begin reporting players as “rage quitting” when they have actually left for legit or unfortunate reasons because “they ruined their run”.

I’m not sure what the best solution would be for this, honestly. But it certainly isn’t a good thing to assume the worst in people who leave.

It does suck when it happens though, that I do agree with.

mmorpg games use an abandonment system successfully, this game would benefit from it too.

cept then youd just have people wiping the team to avoid the penalty, cause if it aint champ or legend whats the complaint of someone leaving? Or just being a useless afk/suicide jocky, sucking up time before someone useful joins, sure you could kick them, but that involves being safe for a moment to vote and then waiting further for a new joiner. And so long as we still have kick trolls cant add any penalty to players that get kicked.
TLDR: Itd be a pointless waste of time thatd only hurt the team that actually wants to play.

Exactly this. Lets put it this way: If there were penalties, and lets say the door rang, instead of leaving the game like I normally would, I would instead afk to go get the door. If I die, oh well, team mates can either kick me or revive me later. I would do this to avoid the penalty even though it is bad for the rest of the team.

I suicide on Skittergate 100% of the time during quickplay, a ten minute timer isn’t going to prevent me from doing that because the half an hour the map would take just isn’t worth it. Can’t force me to deal with shitty maps.

Not going to happen.

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