Please Implement a Punishment for rage quitters

Please Implement a Punishment for rage quitters and/or a report system for people who purposely die in raids just to troll the community. this past week or so i have had 1/3 of games end midway due to rage quitting and the people left are left to start all over again!? how is that fair to the others who have a maturity level above 12 and isn’t in some sort of anger management course? This is a Gigantic problem especially if you’d like people to keep playing this awesome game :disappointed_relieved:

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So its mature to “report” anyone who leaves the game, out of the simple need to somehow “hurt them back” like in a MOBA?
And its mature to underline that argument by threatening the devs that everybody will leave their game if you dont get what you want?
Oh boy.


i’ll probably get banned straight away due to the sad amount of OPERATION_TIMEOUT crashes i get each night.


??? No way. People can leave a game for any reason if they so desire, and it should stay that way. Best to find some regular folks to play with - if you have a good game with someone just send them a friend request.


@ImNotARatSienna jesus christ someone woke up on the wrong side of a drunken one night stand this morning… yes there should be imo some sort of system that either punishes the Dbag players who rage 24/7 (obviously your one :slight_smile: ) or rewards however slight the players who do not.

lmao haHA im 12 btw. Jesus christ, host yourself until we have dedicated servers. Your suggestion is ridiculous for a game like Vermintide.

Sometimes people are toxic and I have to leave the game. I dont want to be punished for that


Or you’ve started a game and then you get a call or so and have to go


Perhaps instead of punishing the people who leave, we can figure out a way to keep the game going in case of sudden leaving players. I find that FS has a pretty dang good MM system and usually leavers spots are filled within minutes (and at times, somehow seemingly seconds after). I have become irked when a host leaves/dc’s and then somehow the mission restarts from beginning instead of just pausing/countdown back where you left off (or in case of it being YOU that dc’s, pause game and have bots take over, then count down and keep going and reconnect to online play after). just a thought :slight_smile: (sorry if its random)


I think a report function that does not have an immediate impact in the game (like the kick function do) but keeps track of a player’s “wrap sheet” could safely be implemented to keep the most toxic / impulsive quitter players in check. Fatshark would need to be on point to follow up on players that racks up a lot of complaints.


This as well sounds like a very good idea. Then only long term offenders are punished (of course, if its DC caused by bad internet, ppl might get a bad rapsheet caused by DC, but i am sure FS could figure out a way around it). Maybe FS could make it so when a player DC’s, it says “-NAME- has disconnected” and when a player clickes leave game it says " -NAME- has left the game"


I’m sure that in the age of data gathering, Fatshark has a pretty good idea of what goes on in their games and as such would be able to track the difference between a DC and a ragequit.

Look at LoL or DotA, both games with a reputation for toxicity. In both cases, the devs have developed a system where they can pretty reliably confirm or invalidate a report based on the trail the game left (they are helped by the fact that games are recorded and saved start to finish, I’ll give you that).

No system will ever be perfect that’s for sure (again the kick function is proof of that, I can be lvl 1 with an overall power higher than a lvl 10 in a vet game but people will still kick me because they can) but there can definitely be some improvements if the devs want their game to thrive in the long run.

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If people are toxic towards you maybe you aren’t pulling your weight or wasting meds / resources. Or maybe just don’t be such a snowflake in a public game.

People who join games on difficulties they aren’t capable of could also be considered toxic towards the overall team.

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Btw it seems that lots of people itt dont understand that op means the host rq. I even though i replied in a quite disrespectful way i can understand his frustration about a host disbanding a run that was 100% salvageable because he had anger issues.

Its just that a report or punishing feature is not the solution to this problem, and I dont think it should be in this game. There is dedicated server support coming down the line, and that will fix it. Meanwhile just host yourself.


Or maybe people are being toxic because they are toxic and we just shouldn’t accept that.

If you aren’t pulling your weight or making mistakes because you are learning (and this is not an easy game for most people), I would rather spend 5 minutes teaching you how to do better in a polite manner rather than starting to curse and call people name via mic for the rest of the game.

But some people prefer that second option.


I don’t think the problem is rage-quitters. If they leave we get a bot (if they are not host), and not too long after someone else usually joins to replace the bot. The problem is the host migrations. It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone didn’t have to start over. I made a suggestion in a separate post about maybe having some sort of “Checkpoint” … where if the host leaves, the least it can offer you is to start a few feet back rather than all over again.

There’s also no way to tell if someone is “rage-quitting” unless they say it. I’ve had to leave multiple games before because I’m on call with my work, and if the phone rings I gotta go. I also smelled fire once and left abruptly to ensure my house wasn’t on fire - only to find my neighbor burning stuff in his backyard. Not to mention the frequent game-crashing some people still experience :confused:

Things happen sometimes.


Completely agree, major problem is host migrations, and really hope it can be fixed in the future, super tired of wasting runs cause ppl dc/quit midrun and it restarts :frowning:


No you should definitely be punished for leaving cause u think it house is on fire…F ur house this isn’t a game its life! Lol some better ideas from a few ppl :slight_smile: ty for not all being toxic.


Easy, because FS didnt implemented their own servers as they “promised”.

Boy I hope we never meet ingame. You are either trolling or seriously challenged.

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