Quickplay research system is a mess

Anybody can explain me why the quickplay has no option to limit the ping range ? ( There’s one but it’s unclear and doesn’t work how is it supposed to )

Joining a team with 200 - 450 ping basicaly on the other side of the earth should’nt be possible, same with people joining you.

I really don’t get with i always got an “increasing search range” instead of hosting myself if there’s no available game near me.

The gameplay is so unstable with that level of ping makes you often a burden for your teamates especialy on quickplay where nobody really like play with each other, and now that dodge isn’t godlike, having a high ping will affect you more than before 2.0.

I know there’s a mod to enable the hosting on quickplay but this doesn’t prevent people with high ping to join you.

I really think we should be granted by an option to limit the joining ping you can have.

Feel free to share your thoughts ( Not about my english if possible i already know how my engrish is )


I don’t think it’s searching based on ping. I think it’s searching based on download region settings in Steam. If you’re always getting bad ping matches, you might want to make sure your steam download region is set to actually be something close to your current location.


This doesn’t change the fact the quickplay like to “increase the search range” up to 3 times instead of starting hosting.

This is not a fix sadly

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