Please add a ping / latency filter on quick play

I really hate getting into matches where everything is laggy or there is a huge probability the host will break connection.

Can we please add an option to set a filter on ping and connectivity so we don’t get someone living in the middle of the Ural mountains on a 9600 baud modem end up hosting?


I’m tired of getting hit by things that I’m far away from and getting pounced on by things that weren’t there a millisecond ago.

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^ This. 80% of my play time is at CET 22:00 - 05:00. After 01:00 it is almost impossible to find “near” champ run - so I go wild and (need to) set filter to world. I would like to see this also.

would love a ping counter somewhere in the game so I can at least tell if somethings a bug or just bad ping