Matchmaking bugs


So ever since the Engineer update i´ve encountered an increasing amount of cases where i get tossed into lobbies hosted from very far away from myself. That distance has the unfortunate side effect that my connection to these lobbies becomes extremely weak.

We´re talking 300+ ping weak, takes 3 seconds between me hitting something/throwing a bomb and there being an effect. And this occurs despite me having selected that matchmaking should only use close-by lobbies in the network options which was done to avoid cases like that.

I would like to request that matchmaking become a bit stricter again, and that it stop switching my picks around! Because that is also a thing.

Sometimes when i´ve picked Witchhunter or elf i end up with Sienna inside the actual match for some reason and it´s very displeasing! For even if i made a point to gear mine out i do not like her style still:(

I do not know how to trigger either of these consistently but they do occur.

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