Quickplay is broken

Issue Summary: It is impossible for me to find a game through Quickplay. If I search for a game with “All” lobbies selected instead of just joinable, a full list of games is available for me to join. However, selecting Quickplay will find zero matches every single time. After this happens, I will begin to host a game and people will be able to find MY game, but not vice versa. I have restarted my game multiple times. I have verified my Steam files multiple times. I have no mods currently active, and I haven’t since the update. This issue is honestly fairly infuriating.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Trying to play any game through Quickplay

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

console-2019-02-28-03.32.56-53DADA9A-6D1C-40D9-B317-C2FC.log (201.2 KB)

Console log is attached.

I have been wondering about that too since i get full list of players but they are all 1/4.

Are they all soloing? Grinding games to get the challenges? Or just abusing deeds?

But back to your problem. Have you tried to change “Quickplay search range” from medium to far? Can be found in Options>Network>Quickplay search range.

If you can connect to far servers that would mean there are no games you can join at the medium distance.

Sorry for the delayed response @mashmonster, is this still an issue for you?

Not currently an issue for me, but I had to manually switch my Steam download region in order to actually get Quickplay to work. I feel like this might continue to be an issue in the future and I know others have been affected. Changing my download region isn’t that big of a deal but it gets tiresome if it does happen.

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