Show icon during high ping

It would be great if there would be a prominent icon displayed when the ping crosses a certain value.

Motivation: Was just playing in a game with a normal ping but occasional spikes. Which meant smooth fighting until suddenly I was downed and only then the overhead attack animation played.

Seeing such a spike would help avoiding some of these situations.


This is a great idea, I would also like to see yout ping numbers in the top corner of the screen (not just in the tab menu).


I’m sure a modder could add the ping values under each characters icon. Maybe see if the guy who made the Numeric UI is willing to try?

I just don’t see Fatshark themselves working on this. Would be nice to get a warning sign to the right of the screen when your latency is spiking.


I contacted the author of said mod, great suggestion :+1:

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BF4 has a nice and simplistic system of in game symbols to notify you about ping/low FPS and etc.


The symbols are nice and informative, but as someone with red-green blindness, they need clearer colors. I can make them out now that they’re next to each other, but it requires enough attention that without comparison, and especially in the middle of action, they’d be very hard to distinguish. I think that slightly brighter/lighter yellow and deeper/darker red would do it.

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We might not even need both warning and severe colors, only 1 should be enough. And it could also have settings to change it to whichever color you prefer.

I made a post about this a few months ago suggesting something similar Ping suggestion, good to see that it’s something others want as well.

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