In-game indicators

I lack an in-game indicator of what could be the cause of the lag I noticed. Well, obviously I got hit by that clan rat, but why? Was it lack of computing power on my side? Temporary network latency? The hosts massive virus scanner going haywire and bringing the host down to a crawl?

A would like to have a indicator of the following:

  • network latency (drop the green, yellow and red dots, give us numbers, also clarify whether those numbers are your latency to the other clients put the latency retorted by the host).
  • my FPS or GPU boundedness (there was an FPS indicator during beta, what happened to it?)
  • my CPU (I.e. Should I host? Maybe set high CPU requirements for hosting quick play games?)
  • voice indicator (who is talking?)
  • host CPU indicator (so I know why the horde turns everything into a slideshow)

I think the CPU indicator is especially important since most younger gamers are unfamiliar with the notion of their CPU power or connection limiting someone else (I.e. hosting). Require eight threads or so for public quick game hosting?


need them QoL’s the VoIP one is a must hands down the others not so much. FPS can be done third party with servers latency will be less of an issue but when in doubt host

but I feel you many times I’ve gotten hosts Dc/s mid level and its like all that work for nothing… I would rather at least a get defeat screen to get some exp

You may turn on your’s FPS indicator directly from the Steam ( steam->settings->in game, or something like that)


the funny thing is that in beta, they had a really really good network stat readout at the bottom, but this was disabled at launch (sadfase) if only it was option-enabled.

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