Is it lag?

I do not like to host but sometimes it’s unavoidable as I can’t find the specific mission I want in the lobby browser. My internet tends to fluctuate more than I would like. Unfortunately, where I live, I can only get internet from one company. There are 3 providers but they are divided up by particular sections of town. So, whenever someone joins my game when I’m hosting, I always check their ping. If it’s red, I let them know. I let them decided whether or not they want to stay.

Today, while trying to complete legend challenges for RV, I had a player that was repeatedly joining and leaving my game. Ultimately, causing a wipe.

Each time they were in this match, they would run off without saying a word and then leave after getting downed.

I checked this player’s ping and his ping was 23, the absolute lowest than every one in the party. The first time he came back, he said his game crashed. Understandable. That’s happened to me as well.

The second time he came back, he didn’t say a word.

The third time he came back, he wrote in chat after he was downed again, “sorry man can’t do this too much lag.”

I do not know how accurate the ping numbers are but he had the absolute lowest and the other two players who had pings in the upper 90s said they only experienced lag during hordes. Regardless if I host or join other people’s games, I get huge lag spikes during all hordes. I’ve adapted to it.

I guess the moral of the story is: don’t run off from your team during hordes without saying anything. If you want to position yourself in a different spot for a horde then you could have used the “Come Here” option in the social wheel.

If I had known, he was going to repeatedly join and leave, I would have set the game to private but this was the first time this has happened.

Did he leave because he was lagging or was he mad that he kept dying after running off to where no one could get him? I really want to know…

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