Tons of lag

I had some lag before if I connected to some friends but other friends were fine and quickplay was flawless with regards to lag.
Now after 1.0.3 I get lag all the time, it is somewhere between 0.5-2 seconds of input lag. Sometimes skaven and norscas teleport around (though only when it is really bad).

Nothing has changed with my own internet afaik.

When are the dedicated servers coming?

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Getting similar issues here. Had mild lag before the patch due to sometimes crappy connection but ever since the last patch, there are some really weird instances of not only myself but also friends dying but being alive due to desync, mobs just appearing out of nowhere, teleporting due to lag and dead guys hitting you in the face 1sec after youve slain them.

Seems to be more prevalent during the day, rather than the night but its become notably worse after the last patch.

I do not know if its a lag issue, but more then often I encounter just hitting “through” enemies since I believe the last patch, not missing, not hitting the max amount of targets I can hit with my weapon, just hitting through them like its thin air, despite them being right in front of me.

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