Horde spawns one at a time

hello everyone!

Just a little feedback, for last 2 or so months or longer, hordes sometimes come as they shud, in hordes, whilst on some maps they come one at a time.
Is this an intenital design to slow players down? or just unlucky location to get a horde/ambush?

The host affects how hordes spawn, based on CPU limitations. I don’t know the details, but it’s certainly annoying and makes games unpredictable.

Are your issues while you are hosting or a client in random games? You’ll need to test both to see if it’s the cpu limit or not.

This kind of unpredictability, not to know what you will encounter is what makes this game great.

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Eh. If only that’s how it worked. The difference between a host with an average CPU and one with a badass CPU is really kind of insane. You can get specials that spawn faster then you can kill them and hordes that never end. I mean both of those literally. I’ve seen mapts (non-Twitch mode, just normal Legend) where the spawn timer was so fast that by the time that Ratling had walked around the house into line of sight, another one had already spawned behind it. It was like playing with a permanent increased Horde + Special deed, but it’s just a Quickplay.

It’s not the “oh I wonder what will come next” kind of unpredictability, it’s “Oh, I wonder if this host will have maps that are winnable or not.”

Playing with host who has a good CPU will make you a better player. It’s so damn boring with the hordes waves having 10+ seconds in between them. You want them to flank you and crash into you on both sides.

Jumped into QP yesterday, so many bad groups. People don’t pay attention to their party make up. If you join a group and it’s a slayer, zealot and footknight. Might be a good idea to take WS with a longbow to be the designated special killer instead of going big brain elf main shade. Likewise, if you join a group and you got a BH, Huntsman and RV, might be a good idea to go HM with S&D or glaive for horde clear. And yes, I did both scenarios with a Elf POV, because she’s the only class that matters. Git gud scrubs.

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