A good CPU = Legend -> Deathwish some days :D

If you want to play Deathwish just join my games, cause holy moly I’ve felt like I was playing Deathwish+modified twitchhost all night while hosting. All our specials would get killed and we’d get them all back instantly in a coordinated attack, then some berserkers/monks a horde and all the specials in various configurations before getting another coordinated attack, one after the other.

A few chaos spawns that were preluded by an ambush before a horde followed with a few packmasters…

Then an ogre followed by an instant horde 2 gunners a gasrat and an assassin all at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong here I’m laughing at ass off pretty much and a lot of friends are like ‘‘oh s**t you’re hosting today, I better get ready’’ or ‘‘You should underclock your CPU sometime!’’ as a joke. I’ve had this yesterday too on multiple times, my games seem packed with frontloaded stormvermin that might as well be a patrol once any horde spawns and aggroes anything in the vincinity.

It’s a lot of fun though, I’ll admit that; just a bit too much sometimes since you’ll clutch one situation after the other xD. Especially with all the ambient shieldvermin we basically had to have at least one handgun at all times and were still struggling at moments with hordes… when you interrupt them and cleave their block open, one wrong move resets the whole progress haha.

Guessing I’m not alone in having days where its either the AI director is half asleep or just downed 3 cans of Monster and feels more like playing Total War Vs your Vermintide group?

We got demolished many times despite people clutching repeatedly, I had a group where people died 4 times in a row, I revived everyone, and then it’d just happen again with the crazy amount of spawns and no time to kill certain things. We’d literally run out of ammo even just trying to kill elites/specials xD


Had the same thing tonight. Non stop triple disablers and usually 6 specials at a time. At one point, we got 3 rattling gunners firing non-stop without interruption


It’s not the end of the world.


I actually did a post about this here.

It’s insane sometimes. Assassins and hookrats in pairs of 2 are really annoying. I’ve even had 4 hookrats within a 30-40 second window during a horde.

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I totally understand you.
I’m running an overclocked i7 8700k @ 5,1Ghz - me and my friends like to call it ‘‘Legend+’’.

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Just spent the last 5 hours trying to clear Legend War camp, we don’t even make it out of the spawn area most times. We’re getting wipe around the first tome? Tried with many different parties and groups. The special and patrol spawns seem to be way out of wack. We’re getting multiple heavies right in the spawn, before we even drop down from the starting area. We had 3 hordes on one run before we got to the 1st grim. Madness

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I have had that happen some time ago when we didn’t beat even the first area in multiple games.

Its both team composition and being extremely unlucky.

It will pass. It hasn’t happened for me now.

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This is familiar to me haha.

Yea xD I’m all for madness, I think it’s fun, it did feel like playing a deed though haha.

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