Is this really necessary?

Blightreaper. 2 leeches, a blightstormer, a hookrat and and 2 assassin for 3 players. Chaos spawn arrived, and then in an instant - of course who - beastmen ambush (we could hear the standard bearer’s voice as well. This all happened in the same time. When spawn arrived the specials spawned and the beastmen too. In the tightest tunnel between 2 larger areas. I dont need to say, spawn instantly killed 2 ppl, the other one was killed by the mighty beastmen.

6 specials, a boss and an ambush with a boosting 7th special.

This is a feedback about how much pressure you put on 3 players and a useless bot. The 2 other ragequited. Average players ragequit because the “balance” you make. Dont expect too much from them I think, they wont linger that long.


AI director gets crazy and it spawns more specials. Old bug. While some boss spawn locations are intented, and this is far worse. There are some areas totally inappropriate for a boss fight, and without the possibility to run toward a better arena (like Festering Ground, when you jump down after first tome).

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On which difficulty did you play?

I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this. I play legend only. So the count for specials that are able to spawn are 4 max… On cata 5.
At the beginning of every other patch I experience some double special spawn in the exact same location + the normal count. This disappears after a while but gets reanimated with a new patch and so on…
I’ve reported it before: Double specials spawn again since 2.0.10
Some guys claimed this is all just in my head, but since that I’ve made notes and was counting specials I doubt that. It isn’t…or I’ve gone completely mad and forgot how to count…

That was legend, but on Cata it happens more often. Yea, you’re not the only one, the others who claim that this is bullsh*t, they maybe dont play the game that much for having a decent amount of time (daily, on a regular basis) saying kind of things. I noticed that these are not common, mostly rare (mine for example), but it’s like weather changing. On some days the AI goes nuts (this is more common), some other days it is fine - this stuff i wrote the feedback about is just nonsense, shouldnt happen at all. And sorry for those who wants evidence, but no “evidence” at all, because i was trying to get through the nightmare, not recording that instead.

I cannot imagine how could we get it done in a man-sized tunnel on one end with a spawn and assassin, other side hook, leeches teleporting and an instand beastmen horde announcement. Unfortunately players are not like chaos spawns, it can run through you if it targeted a player behind you, but you cannot get through that massive meat.

i’ve been getting double poison rats out of bounds on legend where players cant kill them and they throw their globes in the opposite direction they are looking at… also, had a legend against the grain with 4 blightstormers and 2 of the storms were overlapping each other and im almost positive i took damage from both storms as it killed me at full health. needless to say, i dont like legend right now. i went back to champ as it feels a little bit more natural.

Have not seen it at all on Legend this patch (been doing the quests for the event, otherwise I play on Cata). All of the Specials on my runs seem to be obeying the 4 slots as intended.

I literally cannot even think of a time when I saw 6 Specials on the map on Legend recently. Probably never.

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Blightreaper used to be an unpopular map because of it’s length but now I see people flat out refuse to play it. It’s not fun anymore and banner bearers in the tunnels are practically an insta-wipe. Sometimes it is physically impossible to reach the banner without a teleport or dash of some sort.

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For some reason players think that the only option to fight banners once they are planted is to destroy them, and use abilities that enable this even at their own demise.
I don’t understand why people don’t give up progress and pull back outside the banner aura to kill of mobs faster and force the bearer to pick up and replant. While there might be cases where falling back is not possible, people don’t do it when it is a viable option.
This goes not just for banners, but in cases of bosses and hordes/ambushes too. People fight enemies whenever they encounter them be it wherever it might happen without thinking about repositioning be it alongside a wall or to a ledge where enemies are forced to climb/jump, or a place where there is enough space to kite.
Also keeping track of hordes and boss spawns seems to be a foreign concept, as is also the fact that when specials start to spawn, you can expect a horde/ambush in a very short time and you might be better off to stop progressing and looking for a good place to fight.

Also this is the direction FS seems to want to take us. This is how you fought in V1. Close group with a lot of CC, making slow progress through the level. But if this is true, they are making V2 itself obsolete with it’s faster and more aggressive gameplay than the first game. They should just have stayed with the old game and make content for that.


The main issue is indeed boss spawn locations. They are horrible not only because of the geberal lack of space but also because bosses have to squeeze to fit those tight areas.
I mean, spawn, troll, rat ogre should at least be a bit slower in both attack and movement when they are fighting in tight areas also so it simply doesn’t help the immersion.
Of course those “tight squeeze boss spawns” v. often end in wipes. So what am I suggesting? Remove certain boss spawn areas, while you can absolutely allow 2 bosses to spawn a short bit from one another, because right now there seems to be some substantial distance between 1 boss spawn area and the next. Or at least give players in those tight areas some better means of controlling the situation. A stash of bombs, a ton of barrels etc., so our average legend group can succesfully survive.
Right now I see a lot of wipes on righteous stand - chaos spawn or minotaur coupled with an ambush in the tight corridors a short walk from the lifting platform. Giving players some additional explosives and ammo in there would really help, and also encourage some teamwork. Right now a team without potions and bombs simply gets swarmed and having no way of escape, gets eaten by the spawn, which navigates the tight turns and narrow passages like it was a slaverat.

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Good points about fighting Banners. Also: A Banner doesn’t make Beastmen immortal or offensively more dangerous either. Sometimes, when you are cornered for example, the best strategy is even to just ignore it and hack away at the Beastmen in front of you untill you got room to advance, instead of suicide charging the banner.

People just aren’t used to Banners yet. They behave almost like bots when one pops up: They forget everything else and become obsessed with charging it even when there are better tactical choices to be made.

I guess that is what Vermintide at higher difficulty comes down to in the end: Tactical decisions. The reason teams wipe (apart from luck / the occasional bug) often isn’t individual fighting skill; it is positioning and tactical choices. There’s not as much need for that on lower difficulties since one can hack themselves out of an unfavorable situation if they have the right setup and the fighting mechanics down, but that is a lot less viable from Cata onwards.

Also, and I haven’t been able to try it out myself yet, but can’t Banners be shot since one of the last patches?


come to modded, try yourself if you are so sarcastic. just come, show you can deal with this situation in a 1 man wide tunnel, surrounded.

And yes, i call myself a hardcore player because of the time i’ve spent playing this game and not for others like you call a hardcore player a hardcore player. Maybe we know the meaning of “hardcore” separate ways. You think j_sat is a hardcore player, soloing all the maps, FoW without bots. do you think this is hardcore? yes, in a way, but players like you call such are pushing their limits to the end. and accept that they like to show them as well how good are they (like you in prevorious comments). Nope, this is not hardcore this is narcissistic in some points.

Do you know what’s the funny?
“No thank you. Get good at the game”
“The best part is i’ve only failed 9 runs out of 300+ games.”
“but you cant handle those enemies at the same time” - reply to “6 specials, a boss and an ambush with a boosting 7th special”

And then
“Beast men are still meat walls in cata. Nerf the overall HP and cata will be golden.”

as you can see i can quote as well. from you.

If we have a smart guy like you who just only complains about how good he is and we are how bad, we just simply kick him :slight_smile:

So please no need for your empty, only insulting comments. One more time: go modded on blightreaper, after you enter the tunnel just spawn them in. stream it pls.

Thank you for the clever comment on this post.

no use of pings lots of players want to hack them all. a little strategy is needed sometimes. best example when you hear ambush and all of them goes out to a place what has multiple locations where the ambushers can come. Not pulling back to a place where they only can come from 2 locations. too easy. then complaining about why we didnt help, and they carry the whole party. :smiley:

yes, i liked more the quicker hack and slash. if you get a closer look, cata is almost the same as onslaught on modded. just nerfed a bit. there you couldnt progress that quick because of the number of enemies you got.

you are right, this is not a common stuff i wrote. if you pay attention, you can see that there are some point, object on maps what you pass there can be a special/boss spawn. maybe the stormer was spawned without sound (it can), the leech just duplicated (i saw 2 leeches walking on each other not a single time), the beastmen cased the standard bearer spawn, idk. beast ambushes like to have bearers too.

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you’re welcome. i hoped you show me how can a situation dealt with such like this :frowning: disappointed

troll can crowl, but the other 2 just in the texture of the ceiling and the walls

The point would be what exactly? You would just come up with some other excuse.

I dont put myself in foolish positions and complain about it on the forums. This is a “gitgud” issue.


Yeah it crawls but it doesn’t make it any slower I think.

What if it doesnt fit in, it cannot get in? That is simple. And fix all the hitting through walls places as well. For the enemies and players as well.

Position, position, position - Even if you are getting smashed between two hordes you can ,as a team, relocate and keep everyone safe.

There are so many tools in the toolkit to keep you and your team alive its mind boggling.

However, a situation where you are in a hallway with a dense beastman horde (a banner would make it worse), and you get a few leech spawns at extra long range from behind the horde. . . means trouble. A dashing character might be able to stop it, but they might also die trying. Its a very bad situation. However, an coordinated IB Ult followed by a dash fixes it, but you’ll be split. Its a tough situation that I’ve seen break down the best of players.

The OP described basically every single one of my matches post-WoM.

Quick-play, solo with bots, doesn’t matter. It just keeps sending more and more until you’re overwhelmed. Try and gear bots for DPS, they die faster, gear them for survival and they get overwhelmed. QP is even worse because of latency and unpredictable team mates.

Of course, this is all contingent on my own individual skill level right? I guess unlocking all legend skins etc etc on my own with bots or QPs (zero dedicated groups, just 1000+ hours) before WoM is just proof it was super duper brain-dead easy for literally everyone and I’m just realizing my lack of ability now that it’s super awesome balanced.

If that sarcasm is the truth then, that’s fine, this game and future projects ain’t for me.