On Champion and Legend, the Director will less frequently spawn hordes and specials while the players still are engaged with enemies

On Champion and Legend, the Director will less frequently spawn hordes and specials while the players still are engaged with enemies.

O Rly?

So the past 3 champ runs where horde + boss + 2-3 specials spawn at the same time were just my imagination then? kk good i was worried :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add my mission just now:

in field: chaos horde + chaos patrol walking into us from behind horde + 2 packrats all at the entrance going from the field into the first farm area.

We survived. Barely.
Down the road after it curves a bit less than 60 seconds later, skavan horde + a pack of plague rats + marauders + gas + leach
We survived, still annoying.

Didn’t make it another 20 seconds and had a boss + skavan horde + 2 assassin rats. This one finally did us in due to the disablers.

This night’s champion runs have been some of the worst I’ve ever had.

FS, are you sure you didn’t “multiply” the chance of spawning hordes/specials at the same time? instead of ‘less frequently’ ???


it means after you kill those specials patrols and hoards and are just left fighting the boss with the 2 survivors it will cut you some slack, sometimes!

“while” should still mean they all shouldn’t spawn at the same time. stop trying to defend these trash mechanics


Dunno if you ever played V1 but these “trash mechanics” are vermintide at its finest. Getting hordes etc during a boss fight is something youll just have to deal with. If you cant do that, then either your teams communication and coordination is lacking and needs some work or the personal skill of some of your team members is lacking, in which case Id like to point you to veteran.


well i disagree but its not really important, because if it should or not does not change the fact that it doesn’t.
i made no defence of these mechanics i just pointed out they are actually doing what it says.


It’s supposed to be hard, and sometimes you’ll get a lot of things to deal with at once. That’s the point of Champ and Legend, supposed to be hard.

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There are already several posts about special spawns please don’t open another one :slight_smile:


All I ever get is ‘git gud’ or ‘go to veteran’
That is not constructive in any way. Thanks for feeding the toxicity in the community.

I agree. But generally running a mission on champion is easy. I believe that shouldn’t be the case. But it is, and that’s what makes it so frustrating when 23452523 things spawn at the same time from every direction and you and your team get walked on because you can only dodge/block so much before they eat through your stamina shields (and that’s IF their attacks don’t bypass your block as it is, which happens frequently on non-boss enemies). It’s aggravating, and I really think there should be a medium between easy and borderline impossible.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see how you succeed vs a skavan horde from all directions, chaos patrol coming around the corner, 2 assassins downing half of your team at once, a random gas grenade from off-screen dividing you from your downed teammates, and a Spawn of Chaos poking in to say hello. I have yet to see a video of anyone surviving that sort of thing. I watch Legend videos all the time, hoping I’ll see it.

This has been a thing for a while. I often have to struggle with teammates who want to be heroes and don’t really get the ‘team’ aspect. And losing because of that doesn’t bother me as I know it’s because I don’t have the friends list to do premades so I have to rely on quickplay 100% of the time. So that’s on me.

It would be nice if we got any sort of reward at all for accomplishing what we were able to accomplish, instead of ~200-300 xp which is I guess barely better than nothing, I would like to feel as if these missions wouldn’t have all been completely wasted, idk. I just know that I went 5 missions in a row last night (probably 2 hours?) and had all of like 1000 xp to show for it. Great maybe another 50 missions and I’ll get a pitty-commondation chest!

I often look for threads related to what I want to post, but most of them are buried and I don’t see them. In the end, it has no effect on you, but I appreciate the request.

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Legend runs with randmos are impossible to finish. 99% of my runs today were lost because of the ridiculous amounts of spawning. The best example was skittergate, were we had to deal with +20 specials and two hordes, before we even went thorugh the skittergate for the first time. Its ridiculous and certainly not possible to manage with people you play the first time with. When it is not possible in 50 games to win at least once with different people, then it is obvious, that very few people are even able to beat legend in the first place and those are most likely in pre-made teams.

I certainly know when my skill is not good enough, but when i dont even encounter one team, which has the “skill” to finish legend runs consistently, then something is definetly wrong with the game.

Boss + crowd is ok; boss + crowd + specials + another crowd + patrol is simply ridicolous. We need a rapid fix.

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Surviving in those situations means each person’s individual play must be on point with no screw ups, and the team play / cohesiveness must also be on point. It’s really hard! We wipe way more often than we win. For context, we’ve been working on playing through all the maps on legend. Lastnight doing Righteous Stand we had 8 failures before we finally beat it (with just two tomes, gave up on trying for grims). And let me tell you, when you work your ass off and keep trying in the face of failure and then finally win big, it feels AWESOME.

Sometimes we wipe from bugs or total RNG nightmare, but I’d say that 4/5 times me or someone on the team f*** something up that cost us the win. Legend is ridiculously hard (as it says in the description), and everyone on the team has to be on their game to win. Small mistakes like missing a block/dodge or wasting a bomb on an easy horde (instead of saving it for a really sticky situation like a teammate grabbed by a chaos spawn, or a patrol that has you boxed in and about to aggro) happen a lot, and in Legend these small mistakes have huge consequences. And when all hell is breaking loose, you don’t have a lot of time to analyze the situation - you have to react to the madness and everything your team is yelling into voice chat and hopefully make the right call.

We always talk after games that we fail about what we could have done differently in that situation, and I find that to be super helpful. A lot of times the conversation goes something like “wow the AI Director really f***** us there, but if we had done X Y Z things different we could have gotten it.” And then we work on that stuff. And we get better every time.

PM me if you want to be friends on Steam and play with my group.


i dont play legend myself , champ is what i find fun , but what is wrong with the hardest difficulty being something that most cant complete?

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[quote=“Padds, post:12, topic:21412, full:true”]i dont play legend myself , champ is what i find fun , but what is wrong with the hardest difficulty being something that most cant complete?

Because it is a teambased game, in which it is almost impossible to carry solo, which means that people like me are getting f*cked over by the teammates and thus cant complete the runs properly. If you dont understand whats wrong with this, then explain to me why the recommendet heropower for legend is not 600.

While I’m not disagreeing with anyone with this statement, I do want to let you know I’ve watched videos of people as like level 15 or so do fine in legend. From what I have seen, Legend almost requires premades. I haven’t seen any videos or streams of non-premades succeeding in legend. BUt then again I’ve not allowed myself to graduate into Legend yet until I can figure out Champion more even though i’m hero power 600.

I don’t get it why people are whining that they can’t finish legend or playing with randies is 99% failure…

It is the hardest difficulty in the game, barring deeds ofc…

I play legend and mostly with randies. I complete a lot of 3+2 runs. I fail some also so by no means 100% success. From what i’ve seen is that most players just arent good enough to step into legend. 600 heropower ain’t gonna carry you thru alone. Thinking like that gets you sorry ass pounded to the ground real fast…

Players should focus more on their roles instead of ”did I kill most razies?”. Until you learn to break tunnelvision, disengage from combat to kill specials if it’s your job and have proper situational awareness, I suggest you go back to playing champ or even veteran to learn these things.

Also bad behaviour like running off yolo without saying anything to teammates and then expect them to magically save you from trouble seems to be a thing with alot of players in this game.

Get the roles in proper order. Tank determines where your team is gonna make a stand. Not Kerillian, Saltz or Sienna. They compliment the tank if you have one.


it really seems like it’s spawning hordes and specials more frequently not less which is funny

ok ill assume you mean required not suggested? well the required hero power (i cant actually recall what it is for legend) is where it is because thats is where the devs think it needs to be in order to be able to do the difficulty.

i am sorry im just not seeing why you think you need to play on Legend , i PuG champ , its what i do and its fun for me. i do not see why you feel you have to play legend.

most people in this game can’t even grasp the concept of protecting someone who snipes specials and instead everyone swaps for the kill and all die as a result, they can’t watch the parties’ back during a horde and instead shoot into the same hole as everyone else because “me must kill other horde me need kills on scoreboard” and get people killed, etc etc. there are issues with the difficulty but 90% of it is the playerbase, like ironbreakers who refuse to swap off their drakefire pistols, and no hero power/level requirements will ever fix it


So i do play legend, made couple of fullbook runs and 3/1 with bots, then after a patch i’m getting everything spawning at x3 rate with no patchnotes - that’s the problem.

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