Crazy special spawns

I’m curious as to what the current standing is for champion mode. As I know in a previous patch you nerfed them considerably and it did hurt the feeling of the game. You now say that a fair approach has been taken… But I’ve had a couple of games which make me wonder if it’s been thrown right off the cliff.

Take the most recent match, we got half way through: We start fighting a large swarm, we have a gas rat and an assassin, we kill them. Another gas rat, kill it. Two more gas rats, a gatling gunner and another assassin.

Now I’m an experienced player, though I was playing a level 10 witch-hunter I remained at full health, despite us having taken a grim… But.

The next swarm: Right at the beginning, a gas rat in the swarm and a gas rat behind us, then THREE, yes, THREE pack rats one after the other climbing over the SAME wall, we quickly dispatch them. Only for that to be followed immediately by two assassins ANOTHER GAS RAT AND… AND A CHAOS SPAWN.

Yes, all mid horde. Needless to say that our run ended there.

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I think there is some problem with the amount of special spawns. Instead of getting random types in random amounts, you now get one type and even 10 at once.

Had already several funny situations with 2 gutter runners for every player, 5 packmasters or maybe even 8 ratlings who killed whole wave on their own in chokepoint. :smiley:

Its kinda fun but I doubt it works correctly :wink:.

And simple enemies spawning in plain sight to whack you. I’ve caught it, turned around expecting something, nothing there. Split second later there is a rat mid swing and kills me.


The current special spawn rate for Champion is ok, but a little on the easy side.

And that’s just one instance, the aftermath of a wave with an assassin, a Warpfire thrower, two leeches and then this… In a horde… On champion.

I’d agree. I have a buddy who just started playing Champion and I told him always expect atleast two of a special type. It’s not the amount of specials, it’s that the audio cues don’t work when you have two Leeches spawn at the same time. You likely wont know where the second one is and unless you’ve done enough Champs to realize “there is always another” it can be very misleading.


the interesting thing about the leech is that his teleport audio cue only tells his previous location, not his new teleport location. also, sometimes after killing him, he continues on to ramble.

i find it a very fun enemy to fight honestly, it keeps your head on a swivel and tests your reflex to poke him when he appears. also possible to dodge his grab on instinct timing after a teleport, which is quite crucial. 2 leeches is so common, and very satisfying when your party dispatches both of them quickly.

Is that actually a thing? Cause for most, if not all, other specials its quite easy to make out whether its 1 or 2 most of the time. The game has superb sound design in general and gives you most information you need from sound alone. I cant imagine this to be intentional if this is actually happening consistently. Might wanna report it.

a lot of people don’t realise this. audio is so damn important but it’s ignored by most quickplay players which causes difficult games. i suspect alot of gamers use speakers and don’t have that awesome echolocation u get from using headsets. it’s like a wallhack/early warning/pre-targetting sense that i can’t play without.

shooting specials in the blackness in hunger in the dark based on the sound they emit… one of the best things ever.

that’s cool and all if the audio ques actually worked more than half the time.

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for me audio cues are 100% reliable, even sounds that are bugged are reliable (firerat sounds being played over and over even after it’s dead and gone / leech still speaking after killed)

which audio cues are buggy for you?

dead silent patrols, the jingling bones of catch-catches not playing, storm wizs’ not chanting ect

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patrols always give a lot of noise on the move, they reach a point where they stop and be silent and wait for some time, then they come back the way they came, making noise again. it’s very hard to educate people in my groups NOT to fight in the path they just came in by. i agree though, that sometimes they spawn right around the corner or DIRECTLY IN YOUR FACE and that’s definitely bugged or poor game design.

packmasters don’t make noise if they jump from ledges, and certainly not all the time on the move. it’s been this way from vt1, they’re sneaky rats. it’s hard to describe when they make noises, but their audio cues are very consistent to me. they have a soft cackling distinct laugh, a hollow skull rattling, and a ‘catchcatchcatchcatch’ sound cue, maybe one or two more that i forgot about.

storm wizards don’t chant 24/7. they can be silent, which is really dangerous when they’re teleporting.

i don’t know. i don’t see it as a bug, it’s intended design to me.

I might have dumped almost a hundered hours in the first game, I know what sounds the rats make. lol What i’m saying is that I think the game will straight up not play the audio sometimes which is bullshit, maybe it’s some weird technical thing where the game can only play an X amount of sounds at a time, they really need to do something where callouts, specials and patrols have priority when it comes to playing sounds.

The fact that stationary patrols don’t play a sound at all is just really stupid, it’s even more stupid with how the patrol units can clip together so what you thought was one or two chaos knights that you just aggro’d just splits up into a whole group of them lol but maybe that’s an intended design, nurgle is all about disease and all maybe chaos knights can perform binary fission!

HAH yes there has been a couple times where my legend group goes “BUT WE THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY 2 CHAOS KNIGHTS”

and it turns out to be 8, and then we die. lol

It is- and it has been reported already.

The game often spawn assassins and hooks and so on right with hordes right on you, or hooks often hide in hordes and their sound if they make it at all is overwhelmed by horde noises. they really are silent sometimes.

doesn’t mean they’re silent, means the sounds they make are drowned out by the horde and you need to rely on visual contact or ping spam. i’m sometimes able to still hear their unique calls over the horde low roar. i dunno, this was an issue we learned to cope with in vt1, it’s the same in vt2. that’s why you save your ults for these ohcrap moments.

well, up to the devs to investigate if this really is a bug or not

sometimes you just get weird mutations with lots of specials, sometimes lots of beserkers or chaos warriors. it is always something.

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