Boss + Horde + Multiple Disablers? GG

This stuff has gotten ridiculous since this last patch. The AI director is (on champion) REGULARLY spawning a horde + a boss + 3-5 specials all within 30 seconds of each other now. It’s gotten to the point where you hear the boss sound, and you KNOW there will be a horde and multiple assassins flying at you before you can even get to the boss through the horde.

What broke?


More like what got fixed, champion is freakin awesome now

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I don’t know. I’ve had a few good clears , but most of the time pugs just fall apart with that much combined CC flying through the air.

Having one person kiting a chaos spawn through half of a horde while one guy fights off the other half of the horde and the other 2 are on special duty is pretty rough, especially when those specials are spawning inside of the horde or mixing in with it completely (hook rat, looking at you). It gets even crazier when a leech spawns right behind the guy kiting the boss through the horde and grabs him, or an assassin jumps on one of the guys clearing specials because they were focused on the 2 fire rats that spawned side-by-side 20 feet away.

I dunno. I really enjoyed the Beta 1.0.5 client where weapons had very little stagger and cleave compared to where they are now, versus the horde + boss + special spawn fest we have now. People generally bawled their eyes out at the thought of having the beta version go live as-is, but it was FUN. This though? This is just messy.

This is just “lets spawn everything at once, and add in more specials” and calling that balance rather than addressing other issues like Pyro Sienna being a 1 stop horde slayer, or the Glaive doing absurd armored headshot damage, or the Drakefire pistol’s being too versatile to the point of having a drawf with them in the group meant hordes/specials were simple when he had them out (both the pistols and, to an extent, the pyro can be toned back by reducing the heatsink talent on weapons from 4 to 3, or even 2… though this does hurt the other wizards a bit more).

But I digress. This just seems like a lazy way to add difficulty if this was intended. Just my 2c.

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Hordes are on timers, specials are on timers, and bosses/patrols spawn when you near their fixed spawning areas. Learn their locations and if you’ve not had a horde for a while and are approaching a boss spawn area, hold up for a bit and kill the horde first before going into the boss spawn area.

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